The Case For Virtual Internships: Downloadable White Paper

Whether you are an employer, student or school and if you are unsure of how virtual internships work or haven't considered the efficiency and flexibility of a virtual internship program, you're behind the curve. Get up to speed with this easy-to-consume White Paper on virtual internships, provided by Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

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Get inside information about leveraging the power of virtual internships, including insights into:

  • What is a virtual internship
  • Why virtual internships are important
  • The pros and cons of virtual internships
  • Which type of internships are most and least suited to be virtual
  • How to make a virtual internship effective for all parties
  • Tools and resources to effectively run a virtual internship program
  • The steps schools can provide students to better prepare them for virtual internships
  • How potential interns can best prepare for and take on a virtual internship


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