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New Report Released Showing Business Owners How to Operate Legal Unpaid Internships

Blaine, WA, November 2, 2010 — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. released its latest free report on how to make sure businesses running unpaid internships are legal. The report is titled: “UNPAID INTERNSHIPS: Are You Breaking the Law?”

College students all over the country are in desperate need to find internships where they can gain real-life work experience. With the increase of entrepreneurs taking advantage of this new and unpaid labor force, Federal and State regulators are increasing their awareness of illegal internships. Every business should have the opportunity to benefit from this hidden workforce in a legal and ethical manner. This free report shows business owners how to legally operate unpaid internship programs.

“As with all things in business there’s usually a legal side. Most of the legal issues surrounding internships stem from the nature of the relationship between the employer and the intern and whether the internship is paid or unpaid,” said Justin Lee, CEO, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. He continued, “In our free report we provide valuable information to business owners on how to offer unpaid internships legally.”

The report includes information on:

-Key factors about the recent standards released by the Department of Labor

-How the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) impacts businesses’ internship programs

-The six criteria that business owners must meet to offer an unpaid internship

- Information on compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity requirements

In addition to the free report, Efficient Enterprises is providing a sample “Unpaid Intern Agreement” for businesses to utilize in their unpaid internship programs. Recent discussions about the Department of Labor and unpaid internships has resulted in numerous recommendations for businesses to provide an agreement with all unpaid interns they bring onboard.

“Big businesses have benefitted greatly from unpaid internship programs for years and may have the resources to easily comply with new Federal regulations. However, now is the time for small and medium size businesses to gain those same benefits interns provide. We believe this report will help these entrepreneurs legally operate their unpaid internship program,” said Dreama Lee, President, Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

Businesses are looking for ways to economically grow their businesses during these difficult economic times. Likewise college students are desperate for on the job experience. Unpaid internships are the solution to both of these needs. However, if businesses do not arm themselves with the right legal information, what could be a win-win relationship between student and businesses could result in difficult legal problems for the employer and therefore less internship opportunities for students.

Intern Profits provides entrepreneurs the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today.

For additional information, Contact:

Penny Fletcher
Efficient Enterprises, Inc.
Ph: (888) 291-9098

Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is an online marketing and business consulting company assisting entrepreneurs across North America become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day business.

Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur husband and wife team, Justin and Dreama Lee, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. evolved from years of organized marketing efforts in the real estate and internet marketing niches.

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