New Book Supporting Internships and Internship Programs Released

Collaborative Author, Dreama Lee, President & Co-Founder of Intern Profits,
releases new book, “Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money
Can’t Buy”

San Diego, CA, May 22, 2012, — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce that their President and Co-Founder, Dreama Lee, is a contributing author to a newly released book supporting internships and internship programs: Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money Can’t Buy.

The book, a collaborative effort of twenty intern advocates from the private sector, non-profit and higher education reveals “the other side of the story” surrounding the controversies over internships.

Each author provides insight into why internships are so popular – they work. Each intern advocate reveals, in his or her own words and experience why internships offer students practical knowledge they often do not receive in the classroom that in turn better prepare them for the workforce.

“I am pleased to be a part of such a great endeavor. So much mis-information has been in the media lately about internships and hiring interns: the only thing this negative publicity has accomplished is further dividing the have’s from have-nots. Internships level the playing field and provide real life experience to individuals looking to get ahead or further their career,” said Dreama Lee of Intern Profits.

The book provides compelling arguments that, through internships, students are often able to access employers they otherwise could not. Where degrees alone sometimes fail to prepare students for working world, internships do. Internships are good for students, they are good for teachers, they are good for employers, they are good for parents, they are good for the economy, and they are good for society.

“Occasionally these somewhat sensationalist stories come out in the media that make it seem like internships are just terrible and the whole institution is on the verge of collapse, but I think that is really misleading. Every year thousands of people have their lives enriched through internships. When the idea of doing a group book project about Why Internships Are Good was first proposed, the response was overwhelming! This book could have easily been a thousand pages withoutbreaking a sweat; so many people have positive internship stories they want to share,” said Eric Woodard of Great Intern, coordinator of the group project.

The book can be purchased on Amazon at: Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money Can’t Buy.

Intern Profits, a service of Efficient Enterprises, Inc., specializes in helping business owners and entrepreneurs create an internship program. They also provide businesses the tools and resources to effectively manage interns including their turn-key Easy Intern Assignments™ that help the business owner grow their business while also providing on the job training and education for the intern.

For additional information, contact:

Penny Fletcher
Efficient Enterprises, Inc.
Ph: (888) 291-9098

Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is an online marketing and business consulting company assisting entrepreneurs to become more efficient and effective in their day to day business.

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