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New Book Shows Business Owners Exactly How to Find, Hire and Manage Interns

Blaine, WA, March 2011 — Today Efficient Enterprises, Inc. released a new book showing business owners and entrepreneurs how to start their own internship program.  The book, “Mentoring Your Way To Millions:  10 Easy Steps to Finding, Hiring and Managing the Hottest New Labor Force Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know About – Interns,” is a concise guide for any business owner who wants to improve an existing internship program or start one from scratch.

As the economy continues to struggle, businesses continue to look for ways to add resources to their team without adding a large financial burden.  Businesses are also looking to find new talent to grow their organization, and the creation of an internship program is the fastest, easiest and most economical way.

Likewise many individuals are looking for opportunities with companies, including internships, to grow their professional experience.  As the economy attempts to rebound, many new workers entering the job market realize that their lack of experience is hurting their employment search.  By gaining valuable experience with an internship, entering the workforce for the first time is a much easier endeavor.

Many business owners outsource projects to virtual assistants or offshore help but businesses not utilizing interns could be missing out on a great human resource for their business.

“We are excited to be releasing our latest book on how to hire interns.  Internships provide valuable opportunities for business owners and interns alike,” said Justin Lee, CEO, Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

The book covers 10 steps to finding, hiring and managing interns as well as information on:

  • Deciding how to compensate an intern (page 27)
  • How to have an intern even if the business owner doesn’t have professional office space or for the home-based business owner (page 31)
  • The best websites to find interns and get flooded with resumes (pages 34-35)
  • How to approach schools directly to find interns desperate to get experience and sometimes college credit (page 38)
  • How to set your business apart from all of the other businesses when recruiting interns (page 44)
  • How to write and submit a job description (pages 46-51)
  • How to properly interview and screen interns so (page 56-58)
  • How to successfully manage interns (page 60)

“This simple to read but informative book provides business owners across the globe the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business,” said Dreama Lee, President, Efficient Enterprises, Inc.

Learning how to hire interns can add value to a company while also providing incredible educational opportunities for the intern.  While small and medium size businesses have not really reaped the benefits of using an intern like big businesses have for many years, entrepreneurs (small and medium sized businesses) are beginning to see the benefit of using interns in their business.

Intern Profits provides businesses the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today.

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Penny Fletcher
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Ph: (888) 291-9098

Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is an online marketing and business consulting company assisting entrepreneurs across North America become more efficient and effective in their day to day business.

Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur husband and wife team, Justin and Dreama Lee, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. evolved from years of organized marketing efforts in the real estate and internet marketing niches.

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