New Amazon Kindle Book Released to Help
Small Businesses Find and Manage Interns

Small business owners just got their guide to growing their businesses: New Amazon Kindle book provides entrepreneurs insightful steps and secrets to growth.

San Diego, CA, October 25, 2011 — Today, released their book, “Mentoring Your Way to Millions” on Amazon Kindle. The book is a guide to help small businesses work more efficiently with the help of interns.

The use of interns is not a new part of running a business but is an aspect that many small companies overlook.

“With the current economy small businesses are finding it harder and harder to grow (much less keep their doors open).  Likewise new workers (and the recently laid off) are unable to find jobs – mostly due to a lack of experience or skill sets.  Through internships, businesses and the new workers entering the workforce are able to help each other.  The intern gets valuable on the job training and opportunities to broaden his or her resume and skill sets while the business owner is able to utilize educated human resources,” said, Dreama Lee, President of Efficient Enterprises, Inc. and Co-Founder of

Having found their own success as small business entrepreneurs, Justin and Dreama Lee, Founders of, are laying out a blueprint for starting your own internship program and managing interns that will help your company grow. Their book “Mentoring Your Way to Millions” lays out ten steps to achieve efficiency in your business, controlling payroll and making your company a competitor with big time businesses that have already unlocked the secret of getting ahead with the use of interns.

The book, available on Amazon Kindle shows business owners:

  • How to compensate your intern
  • How to get an intern working for you if you don’t have office space for them to come to every day
  • The best websites to find interns and get flooded with resumes
  • How to approach schools directly to find  more
  • What you need to know before contacting  schools to find interns
  • How to set yourself apart from all of the other businesses out there when speaking to the schools
  • How to write and submit  a job description
  • How to properly interview interns
  • A little known “secret test” to screen out weak applicants, and have the cream rise to the top
  • How to successfully manage interns

“Mentoring Your Way to Millions” is currently available on Kindle and can be purchased at

Intern Profits, a service of Efficient Enterprises, Inc., provides businesses the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today.

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