Intern Profits Hosts Anticipated Facebook Timeline Training

Intern Profits host Facebook Expert Brian Moran for an upcoming Easy Intern Assignment on the new Facebook timeline.

San Diego, CA, April 20, 2012 — Today, Intern Profits announced the release of their latest Easy Intern Assignment™ with Expert Faculty member and Facebook expert Brian Moran of “Get 10,000 Fans.”

On this free training, Intern Profit’s newest faculty member and Facebook expert, Brian Moran, is going to show business owners how to use the new timeline.

Justin Lee, CEO of Efficient Enterprises, Inc. and Co-Owner of Intern Profits will host Mr. Moran on this informative training.

The training will take place on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at: 11am PST/12pm MST/1pm CST/2pm EST and will be free to attend.  However, participants must register in advance at:

The training will cover:

  • How to use the new timeline layout to increase traffic to landing pages that actually build a company’s list and increases sales
  • How to use “story-telling” to drive massive amounts of free traffic to an organizations Facebook Fan Page
  • Two free tricks for an organization to borrow their competitors best fans
  • How to get your virtual intern to manage your Facebook timeline

“Following all of the changes that Facebook implements is daunting for even the most educated Facebook expert, however I’m excited to provide this valuable information to the many interns who work for small business owners and the business owners themselves to help make their business presence on Facebook stronger through using the new timeline,” said, Brian Moran, of “Get 10,000 Fans.”

This free training is part of Intern Profits’ Easy Intern Assignment™ series, a library of “turn-key” trainings that business owners can literally hand to their interns and watch them implement and execute.

These Easy Intern Assignments™ provide real world training and on the job experience for the intern while also brining value to the business owner by providing real tasks the intern can work on that bring in more customers, more sales, more revenue or improve business processes and systems.

“Our Easy Intern Assignments™ have been a valuable resource to both employers and interns.  Our upcoming Facebook Timeline training will continue to build on our efforts to provide intern learning objectives for both our employer community and the interns they employ,” said Dreama Lee, President of Efficient Enterprises, Inc. and co-owner of Intern Profits.

Intern Profits, a service of Efficient Enterprises, Inc., specializes in helping business owners and entrepreneurs create an internship program. They also provide businesses the tools and resources to effectively manage interns including their turn-key Easy Intern Assignments™ that help the business owner grow their business while also providing on the job training and education for the intern.

For additional information, contact: 

Penny Fletcher
Efficient Enterprises, Inc.
Ph: (888) 291-9098

Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is an online marketing and business consulting company assisting entrepreneurs to become more efficient and effective in their day to day business.

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