This Changes EVERYTHING!

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Have you ever struggled with your own business because your list of projects, tasks and "to-do's" gets bigger, and not smaller, each and every month?

Are you afraid to go out and hire more full time help because you're not sure if they'll actually work out and produce results for you?

Have you ever wished that you could "clone" yourself so you could get more work done in much less time?

Are there a ton of things in your business that "just aren't getting done" because your time is limited? Like all of that "Internet stuff" - social media, blogging, search engine optimization? And you know that not doing these things is keeping you from building the business (and the lifestyle) of your dreams?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then read on, because this is the most important letter you're going to read this year.

Imagine following a system where you can get highly educated, prescreened, hard working, motivated and energetic people who are absolutely DYING to come and work for you and your business...

Sound To Good To Be True?

We are Justin and Dreama Lee, and we have been quietly developing the best, most cost effective, extremely powerful way for entrepreneurs to grow their business WITHOUT taking on the typical payroll, human resources and risks of hiring full time employees.

Instead, we've been using highly motivated, university educated people to help us grow our business faster than we ever thought possible- INTERNS!

We know it sounds crazy, but it's true!

By creating our own internship program we've developed a true "WIN-WIN" way for us to help new people entering the workforce looking for "real world" work experience.

We get to work together with them and we help each accomplish our respective goals.

But It's Not Just Our Company That Is Using Interns To Grow Their Business...

In fact, American Big Business – especially the Fortune 500 – has known about and been using interns for DECADES.

The problem has been that UNTIL NOW it's been tough for the small business owner to use Interns the right way, because there was no one to take you by the hand and show you how simple and easy this system is to implement in virtually ANY business.

But fortunately for you, after years of successful finding, hiring & managing interns, we're providing our exact system to business owners all over the globe. And because you're on this very special web page, we're going to show you exactly how you can copy and duplicate our exact system.

In fact, business owners all over the planet have been duplicating our system with huge amounts of success (more on that later).

Many business owners, at first glance, think that they might not be able to use interns to grow their business...

But Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!

In fact, hiring interns is not only a brilliant business building idea, but it flat out works for ANY business owner, no matter:

What kind of business they own (real estate, chiropractor, attorney, auto body shop, restaurant, consultant, social media manager, online marketer, or anything else you can think of- it doesn't matter!)
Where they are located (it doesn't matter if you work or live next to a major university, or if you live in a rural area with NO ONE around can have interns (even virtual interns) working for you)
What phase of business they are in (this works for start-ups just getting off the ground AND for mature businesses who have been in operation for decades)

When you follow the Intern Profits System™ it works! But you might still be wondering...

Is The Intern Profits System™ Right For Me?

Here's who this system is right for:

Any person who owns their own business.
Any business owner who would like to "duplicate" themselves.
Any business owner who KNOWS that they could be doing more, but have human resources and payroll constraints.
Any business owner who feels like his list of new projects he would like to do gets LARGER, not smaller, over time.
Any business owner who knows that she's not doing enough online marketing or social media marketing.
Any business owner who has been burned or had back luck with VAs or outsourcing, or became frustrated with language barriers or time zone difference with offshore VAs.
And for anyone who has seen any of our free videos and wants to know "how."

If any of those items describes you – you're in the right place. An internship program, constructed the way we'll be describing, will absolutely transform your business!

How Interns Help You

Interns really did come to the rescue for us – and we're sure they will for you too. In fact, here are just some of the ways Interns can help you…

Save Time - By adding more man-power to your team you will in the end save an enormous amount of time. We spend on average about 1-3 hours a week managing our interns but receive anywhere from 15-50 hours a week of tangible work products.

Work on Your Business, Not In It - With your new found talent you will be freed up to do more work on your business versus trying to juggle all of the daily tasks of running your business.

Your Business Will Grow - Whether you have an online business or a bricks and mortar business, with the use of highly educated interns your business will no doubt grow.

You Will Build a Team - If you are just a single business owner or have a very small team, interns provide a great opportunity to expand your team on a very small budget.

You Will Build a Pool Of Potential Employees - And this might be the biggest one. You will have the opportunity to test drive and train future employees.

The More Interns You Have, The More Money You Make & The Less You Work...

After hearing about all of the success that we're having with interns and how they have helped us grow our business, other smart business owners & entrepreneurs just like yourself often ask us:

"What's The FASTEST Way To Set Up A Successful Internship Program?"

They want to know what is the quickest and easiest way to build an internship program from the ground up, and start getting flooded with resumes, and have an army of interns working with them in no time flat?

Well today you're in luck, because we're about to reveal our entire system to you, so read on...

What about if you could literally “copy & paste” job descriptions, interview questions, scripts for calling into schools and many more of the specific tools and resources that we use on a daily basis (instead of having to create them yourself, from scratch)?

How much faster would you be able to get your internship program
up and running if you had that kind of help?

The great news is that we have created a complete system, from A to Z, that is perfect for any business owner who wants to get the absolute fastest results.

The Intern Profits System™ is the ONLY complete system for business owners and entrepreneurs showing them how to find, hire and manage interns with a step by step system where you can literally "copy & paste" your way to success!

We don't leave anything to chance. You get the benefit of all of our hard work and experience at building the systems, and you get to just pick up the instructions we've already created and run with them.

We've included everything you need to get started, create, and run your own successful in-house internship program. You don't need anything else.

Here's EVERYTHING That's Included When You Order TODAY:

The Intern Profits System™ Course

This is a Modular Course that takes you step by step through the process of getting your internship program started in 30 days or less.


Video Training Written Manuals
Step-by-step Instructions Examples and Templates to Follow
Every detail covered – quick & easy!    

The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 1
What You Need to Know About an Internship Program
How Long the Typical Internship Lasts
Types of Internships That Are Available
Expectations of an Intern and the School
Your Responsibilities When Hiring an Intern
All Things Legal – how to avoid all the legal hassles and pitfalls, making yourself bulletproof!
Paying Your Intern


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 2
What Will Your Intern Do? Identifying Your Needs
Finding the Right School(s) and Interns
How to Impress the Schools and Intern Coordinators Right Away
What to Do Before Calling into the School
Getting Approved by the Schools to Submit Your Intern Position
Other Sources to Find Interns


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 3
How to Write a Winning Job Description
How to Post Your Job Description
How to Screen Candidate Resumes
What if You Do Not Receive Any Resumes?
Tools for Successful Interviewing: 3 Steps to Hiring an Intern
How to Determine Which Candidate is Best For You
Final Steps for Hiring Your Intern
What to Do if Your Intern Turns You Down
Rejection Letters


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 4
Getting Your Intern Started
Managing and Training Your Intern
Motivating, Critiquing and Giving Feedback
What If Motivation, Critiquing and Feedback Doesn't Work?
And Terminating An Internship Early


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 5
Concluding the Internship
Staying In Touch
Hiring Your Intern
Lessons Learned and Improving Your Internship Program
Starting the Process Over Again

What Business Owners Just Like You Are Saying About
The Intern Profits System™

"Before I had interns I would be up until 2 o'clock in the morning
doing social media"

"...I started using interns before I found Justin & Dreama... and I used up a lot of my time trying to figure out how to keep the interns busy...having Justin & Dreama's training really helped it (my intern program) be more efficient and a better use of my time"

Maria Atkinson
San Diego, CA

"I Love It!"

"I had a staff of 18 people but things still weren't getting done... we had a marketing plan that hadn't been updated in 4 years. We've had 4 interns. Every single one I've offered a job! I love it!"

Christine McDanell
San Diego, CA


"I Recommend It To Anybody!"

"I'm a sustainability consultant for Real Estate Investors. Before I had interns working for me, my life was crazy. Check out Justin and Dreama's Intern Profits... it's really complete... extremely valuable regardless of what kind of business you're in. It gives you a step by step guide... just get started right away! Justin and Dreama's program is great and I recommend it to anybody."

Jim Simcoe
Encinitas, CA

But It's Not JUST Business Owners Who Love Our System,
It's Also The Interns Themselves

"We're at a settlement, my first property I found while interning with Justin"

"I wanted to learn about real estate, and interning with Justin was awesome. I even found a property for Justin that he bought, and it cash flows over $700 per month!"

Ben Carpenter
Real Estate Investing Intern
JL Investing, LLC
State College, PA

"I NEEDED To Get An Internship Because..."

"Luckily I was able to get an internship with Justin & Dreama. It's been really great, I'm doing press releases...which is the career field that I would like to get into. I definitely recommend starting an internship program with your company. It will be beneficial to both you and the intern..."

Cassie Johnson
PR Intern
Efficient Enterprises Inc
San Marcos, CA

"I Really WANTED To Get An Internship Because I Needed More Experience On My Resume..."

"One of my goals is that one day I want to start my own working with an entrepreneur was very important to me. All you need to do is give the interns quality, meaningful work and you really will be (pleasantly) surprised what you get in return..."

Mike O'Donnell
Internet Marketing Intern
Efficient Enterprises, Inc
State College, PA

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Well, first of all… what's it WORTH to you?

If you put what we teach you to work in your business, in no time flat you're going to have interns working for your company. There's no reason why you shouldn't have one, two, three, or even more interns working for you right away. And think of it this way...

If you take the Complete 5 Module Course we're offering you today you're getting $1,997 in real world value from EVERYTHING we're including on this special web page.

Or, you can think of it this way:

According to a recent NACE (the National Association of Colleges and Employers) report, the average salary of a recent college graduate is $48,000/year or $4000/month...

And let’s assume for a minute that the average person works 40 hours per week (a “normal” work week) to earn their $4,000 per month...

Then we can assume that someone working part time, say, 20 hours per week, would earn half as much (or $2,000 per month)

Let's assume you only had limited success and hired a single intern for only 20 hours per week, then that would be equivalent to $2,000/month in salary.

Now imagine this.

You could pay $2,000 a month in salary, and get someone working 20 hours a week for your company.

Or, you could pay $1,997 and get EVERYTHING in The Intern Profits System™ which would show you exactly how to set up your own, unpaid internship program. And in a SINGLE month, your entire investment would be recouped.

And if all our system did was find you 1 intern that worked 20 hours per week, wouldn't it be worth spending the $1,997?

But here's the best news yet. Today, even though it's worth every single penny of the $1,997, you're not paying that amount.

When You Join The Intern Profits System™ Today,
You're Making A Risk Free Investment Of
ONLY 2 Payments of $97 Each

This is a special discount that we're giving everyone because we know the economy is tough right now. Not just for the business owner, but for the recent college graduate who can't get a job, especially if they don't have the type of experience that they would get from a real internship, like we show you how to provide in The Intern Profits System™.

We also know that a lot of businesses can't grow right now, because they simply can't afford to take on any more payroll expense. So we want to help you, the business owner, by showing you how to get no to low cost labor for your business. And today, you can get our system for only 2 payments of $97 each.

And if all our system did was help you get one single intern or provide opportunities to college grads to get a better start in life, and to help you build your business, and rebuild the economy at the same time, then wouldn't it be worth 2 payments of $97?

Of course it would...

How Can I Be Sure This Is Right For Me?

I know that hiring interns is the best way for you to grow your business in the fastest way possible, with the least amount of risk.

But maybe you've never had an intern before, or maybe you tried (on your own) to find an intern and it just didn't work out.

Well we're so confident in our system, and your ability to have success with it, that we wanted to make this a complete "no brainer" for you...

And the first way that we're doing that is to make sure that price isn't an obstacle...which is why it's only 2 payments of $ literally ANYONE can afford to get started.

But we want to take it one step further, eliminate all of the risk on your end, and place it all on ourselves. You see, we're so confident that you're going to love our system, that we want you to take a full 30 days and "test drive" it.

Make sure that it's for you. And if our system isn't everything that we say it is, if you don't experience all the success you're hoping for in finding and hiring interns, then simply contact us and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

No questions hard feelings.

We're easy to reach (by phone or email) if you decide that this just isn't for you.

You see, we want to earn your money, and if you don't think that we're providing you with tremendous value with the Intern Profits System, then we don't want to keep your hard earned money.

Order Today And Claim These BONUSES Worth Over $1,366!

Of course we've got more great stuff we're giving you as part of this program. We already know it's the only program of its kind, and we believe it's truly top shelf in terms of quality. We want to make it brain-dead simple for you to decide this program is right for you. So in addition to everything we've already outlined you're also getting the following free bonuses when you act today...

The "Unpaid Internships: Are You Breaking the Law?" Special Report that tells you exactly what you need to know when it comes to legal matters pertaining to internships. We sought the services of one of the nation's top labor attorneys to tell us the ins and outs, the do's and don'ts, and the precautions to take when setting up your internship program to make you legally bulletproof. (Value $97)

Unpaid Internship Letter of Agreement written by our attorney, that is absolutely essential if you're going to have an unpaid intern working for you. DO NOT have any unpaid interns without having them sign this document! (Value $500)

Recorded video presentation from our attorney covering all legal aspects of unpaid internships (Value $497)

Our List of Top 25 Intern Job Submission Websites where we even break down which of these top websites are free to submit job postings, and which ones you have to pay to post. (Value $99)

Plus you get our Cliffs Notes QuickStart guide to The Intern Profits System™. Think of this as your "executive summary" and a way to get rolling with our material as fast as possible. This is the shortest path to getting your internship program started! (Value $97)

Mentoring Your Way To Millions the book that Justin & Dreama co-authored revealing how setting up your own internship program and mentoring people along the way is the ultimate "WIN-WIN" situation: by helping someone start their career and at the same time achieving your business and financial goals. (Value $27)

101 ways your intern can triple your website traffic special report that gives you 101 different tasks you can instantly put your intern on to get more visitors to your website starting TODAY! (Value $49)

Between our 5 module course and all of the bonuses everything you're getting today has a real word value of $3,363.

Your Investment Today Is Only 2 Payments Of $97 Each

Answers To Common Questions

Most sharp business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals eventually come up with the following questions about this system. So let's answer them right now…

Q – "I'm going to think about it. Maybe later."
How will later be any different than today? Is anything really going to change? The answer is… probably not. You already know in your heart if this is right for you. And if that's what you're feeling, be decisive and take action.

Q – "I still haven't launched my business yet. Can I still hire an intern?"
Whether your business is in the "start up" phase or you're a well-established company that's been in business for years, there's never been a better time to start bringing interns on board. Especially if you're just starting your company: an intern can do valuable market research, keyword research, test your ideas, and see if there is indeed a strong demand for whatever you're going to offer. No matter how advanced or new your company is, hiring an intern is the fastest way to accelerate growth.

Q – "Why can't I just figure this out myself?"
You could. We did. But it's risky, time-consuming… and way more expensive! Why on earth would you want to reinvent the wheel? We've already done the "heavy lifting" for you… learn from our experience, and let our ceiling become your floor.

"I Turned My Unpaid Internship Into A Million Dollar Business!"

"I was in my last semester of college and needed an internship to graduate...I took an unpaid internship and learned the internet marketing business...since then I've launched several products and generated over $1,000,000 in I live my dream and ski ever day living at a ski resort..."

- Hollis Carter
Breckenridge, CO

"Talk about a game changer!"

Justin, Dreama

Talk about a game changer!

I already have 2 interns working for me within 2 months, and they work about 20 hours a week each for me! I haven’t even yet called any of the schools directly, which I plan on doing soon to get more interns.

Not only have they gotten good work done for me for free, but they have FORCED me to develop duplicatable systems for my business processes, which has really helped me to hustle and get more done in less time.

Not only that, having interns make me look a hell of a lot "bigger" in my clients eyes, which feels pretty good too.

Thanks so much again for showing me a way too scale my business at near-zero cost.

Jesse C'de Baca
Denver, CO

Here's Exactly What You're Getting Today

The Intern Profits System™ System is a complete system for starting, implementing and running your own internship program. You're getting everything you need to get your intern program launched in 30 days or less.

The system is made up of 5 instructional modules, each with step-by-step instructions. In each Module you receive:

Video training
Complete Checklists
Word-for-Word Scripts you can use for your calls and interviews with schools and prospective interns
Forms for every step of the process so you're never "starting from scratch"

Included With Your The Intern Profits System™:

5 Fundamental Checklists so you never miss a single important step in the system
Hot Tips that help you get the most from your interns
Sample intern school forms you can use "out of the box"
Sample Rejection letters - never wonder how to say "sorry"
Written and Video tutorials on submitting job postings (4)
25 alternative sources to find interns outside of school recruiting
Job postings/descriptions you can use "out of the box" (9)
Sample Ads you can "swipe"
Interview Questions (25) that find you the best possible interns
Intern Intake Form that gets you started off right
Resources for finding/managing your intern (35+)
Scripts for motivating/critiquing/giving feedback
Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention, Non-Competition Agreements that protect you and your business interests
Legal Report that keeps you on the straight and narrow with your internship program
How to Write a Letter of Recommendation or Video Recommendation
Sample Exit Interview Questions/form for wrapping up your internships
Sample Manager Eval of Intern Form to give valuable feedback on the intern's performance. Simple fill-in-the-blanks form makes it easy!
Sample School Eval of Intern Form for reporting back to the school on the performance of the intern. Vital for keeping a flow of good interns coming to you from the school!
Cliffs Notes – Summary of our whole system that gets you started off FAST.

Online Payment Processing


JUST CALL 1-888-291-9098


To Your Success,

Justin and Dreama Lee

PS- If you're serious about growing your business, if you're serious about making more money, and you want to get your life back, then the only logical solution is to start your internship program today!