Why We Do It

At Intern Profits we believe that an internship program created where both the employer and intern benefit equally, can be an important driver in turning the global economy around.  An effective process where employers hire interns to grow their business and the intern gains valuable on the job training to pursue his professional career is the key component to understand when deciding to find an intern. 

The Business Owner  – Stuck Between a “Rock and a Hard Place”

We created Intern Profits because we often found ourselves, and the business owners we work with, caught between a “rock and a hard place.”  A place all too familiar for many small business owners and entrepreneurs – they can’t seem to grow their business without more help (human resources), but at the same time, they can’t afford or risk hiring this help.  So how does the small business owner or entrepreneur actually grow their organization?  Well the first way is to go out and hire more help. But once they hire new staff, they must ensure that the new employee or contractor is producing enough sales and revenue to cover their salary.  Or, they can play it conservatively and choose NOT to hire any help but then they are limited by how fast their company can grow.

Business Owner Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place | Hire Interns

When the business owner decides to hire interns they can grow their business and therefore be able to hire more employees and grow the economy.

The New Worker – Stuck Between a “Rock and A Hard Place”

Today’s youth face are caught between their own “Rock and a Hard Place” problem: in an attempt to enter the workforce: they’re told to come back and apply for the position once they have more experience.  You might have heard this old adage before: “I can’t get a job without any experieince, but I can’t get any experience if no one will give me a job”

New Worker Stuck Between A Rock & a Hard Place

Creating an internship program is the perfect solution for both the business owner unable to grow his business and the student looking to get real on the job experience.

The Intern Profits System™ helps solve both “Rock and a Hard Place” predicaments at once.

We show business owners and entrepreneurs how to find interns and then how to properly hire an intern. By developing an internship program where interns work on real tasks and real projects small business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to grow their budget, recruit new employees from a pool of qualified candidates all the while providing new workers valuable work experience before entering the workplace and get the experience that they desire.

We have created the Intern Profits System™ to help rebuild the economy, help business owners and entrepreneurs grow, and give young people the valuable work experience that they need when attempting to enter the workforce.