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Hiring interns can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a business owner. Creating an internship program that works not only helps you, the business owner, grow but also provide an incredible opportunity for our future workforce. Hiring an interns will not only allow you to find much success in your business but so too will the intern in their professional growth. Here you can find proof that internship programs work! These are just some of our latest success stories from real customers who have used Intern Profits when trying to learn how to find an intern and hiring interns, all the while providing educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today.
Intern Profits has literally revolutionized our business…we have 7 interns…doing social media, content creation, blog posting, SEO & video marketing on YouTube… if you haven’t done it yet, pick up a copy and start implementing interns immediately… it will change your entire businessDrew Canole San Diego, CA
I’ve had 4 interns, and every single one was brilliant. I’ve offered each one of them a paid position after their internshipChristine McDannell Owner, Cleanology San Diego, CA
I started using interns before I found Justin & Dreama, but I used to spend a lot of my time trying to figure out how to keep my interns busy. Having Justin & Dreama’s course helped me to be more efficient and was a better use of my time, and gave me more and better projects to assign my internsMaria Atkinson Owner, Exit Stepping Stone Realty San Diego, CA
The very 1st thing I would do is check out Justin & Dreama’s product…it’s extremely valuable for anyone, no matter what kind of business you’re in…it gives you a step by step guide on how to get an intern…and then once you have an intern it shows you what do you have your intern do…Jim Simcoe Sustainability Consultant for Real Estate Investors Encinitas, CA
At a settlement, my first property…Proof that this is my first property I helped Justin to acquire!Ben Carpenter Real Estate Investing Intern State College, PA
“I needed an internship to graduate… I took the knowledge I gained during my internship and started my own companyHollis Carter Internet Entrepreneur Breckenridge, CO
Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s one of the most amazing programs that I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s an extremely high quality product…very well thought out… perfectly planned…Stephan Stavrakis Vancouver, BC
<<Merci beaucoup!>> as we say here in France… “Thank you very much!” Applications from students applying for internships with us are beginning to roll in now. I’m not surprised that you started your program, we are beginning to receiving applications from highly qualified and capable applicants. It’s been an eye opener. I have realised that in some countries it is harder to find an internship than a job, unless students have undertaken an internship no matter how good their grades they will not be granted their degree, this really shook me. Whilst it may seem ludicrous it is the situation millions of students are in here and now. We are seeing literally brilliant people applying to us, even though for some we are outside of their ideal sphere in terms of the subjects they have majored in. In times when lots of companies are striving to keep costs down and add more value to retain their current customer base interns really do offer a win – win situation for both the businesses and the students.

Sadie-Michaela Harris iLocal Search France

Dreama, Justin Talk about a game changer. Im always looking for ways to scale my internet marketing business – whether through automation or outsourcing, both which have their inherent drawbacks. The concept of getting unpaid interns as a solution to bridge those flaws has been such a mindset-shift for me. I already have 2 interns working for me within 2 months, and they work about 20 hours a week each for me! I haven’t even yet called any of the schools directly, which I plan on doing soon to get more interns. Not only have they gotten good work done for me for free, but they have FORCED me to develop duplicatable systems for my business processes, which has really helped me to hustle and get more done in less time. Not only that, having interns make me look a hell of a lot “bigger” in my clients eyes, which feels pretty good too. Thanks so much again for showing me a way too scale my business at near-zero cost.

Jesse C’de Baca Internet Entrepreneur Denver, CO


…college interns are great. I had a series of three interns from Stanford work in my relatively small (12 employee) consulting organization. They were amazing; smart, energetic, eager to learn and willing to take on new challenges. It was simply a pleasure to take part in the program.

Gary Edson Business Owner San Francisco, CA


It’s Allison Phillips here and I’ve been on your list since the call you did with my former coach, Melanie Benson Strick. That call motivated me to hire an intern within one week. In my corporate life, I hired tons of college grads and interns and, for whatever reason, I just didn’t think to use that in my biz as a solopreneur. I listened into your training, and boy was that ever a lightbulb moment that took me back to all the experience I had hiring college folks. Anyways, long story short, I’m on my second (free) intern and loving it!

Alison Babb Phillips Business Success Coach Kennesaw, GA


Justin and Dreama have always offered useful, informed advice and ideas for my business- they are digital gurus! What they don’t know about online isn’t worth knowing. Being a media company in London, we are always looking for proactive interns who are well suited to our business and bring energy and ideas to what we are doing; a current focus for us is how to best work with interns on SEO and google ranking, a topic I know Justin and Dreama are very knowledgeable about. We are also always looking for ways to ensure the time they spend with us is optimized and beneficial to both parties, so I look forward to receiving more tips, insight and inspiration from the dynamic duo on the valuable topic of interns.

Taryn Ross Founder, London, England


Your webinar was incredible! We invited clients from our SBDC and just minutes into the presentation we all looked at each other and said “Wow – why didn’t I think of that!” Starting an internship program is exactly what many of our client businesses should be doing. Thanks for the great webinar that showed us how to help our clients get started. It was fun and easy to follow, and we learned a lot. We can’t wait to share the success stories of our clients who start their own internship program.

Mark Engle Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Center Counselor Phoenix, AZ


Love the program… incredible value!

Zachary Meiu Owner – Strategy Driven Solutions Fort Collins, CO


This is really a great great great idea. For the college interns it will be a superb field work that they cannot get inside the classroom. While helping my business they will be helping themselves more than anything else because the practical experience they are getting from this field work is priceless.

Mohammad Raza Real Estate Investor Trenton, NJ


Christina and I have been impressed with Intern Profits so far and we believe real estate investors, like myself, need Intern Profits in order to take their business to the next level.

Tim Pritchett Real Estate Agent Olympia, WA


I’ve been contemplating doing this for forever, and kept getting stuck in how to do it right. So excited that you put this resource together. Thank you!

Kenya Halliburton Owner, My Virtual Genie, LLC Huntsville, AL


When I was exposed to Intern Profits, I liked the idea of using interns. Sometimes I am my own enemy, as many of us are. So, I put Interns on the back burner. Suddenly, the program popped up in my e-mail inbox again. I had a little time that day, so I listened to their webinar. I was impressed and bought just the introductory info, read it, and I really like it. It made a lot of sense, so I bought the full program. From that time on I only have good words to say about the Intern Profits Team, including the person who answers the phone. Then, when Dreama gave one demo webinar, I offered my company to be interviewed, as a “guinea pig” test subject. It was fantastic. I like the program so much that I decided to be an affiliate, offering the program to others. It was my first time ever selling a program like this.

My first attempts looking for an intern didn’t work out well, so I set it aside for a bit of time. But even though I got an answer from Harvard University and a couple of other responses, nothing worked out. These résumés sounded too good. I felt discouraged and went on with my business. About 45 days later, my advertising paid off and I had so many applicants that I could pick and chose the right ones.

It was amazingly fantastic because it really worked!

Right now I have six interns working with us. We did not believe their resumes, at first, as they sounded too great to be true, but those kids are proving to be such geniuses. We were amazed that they want to work for free. Now, I must tell everyone. You must believe in the Intern Profits program, because it works. The steps to put the interns to work straight out of the the Intern Profits program keeps feeding my interns with motivation and a lot of work to get done.

I just have to say thank you, and now I have to go back to Dreama and apologize for having my doubts. I’ll just say it: “I am sorry, Team from Intern Profits, and Thank you so much.

Jané Alves Jané Alves Group

“Wonderful! Building businesses with the Best and Brightest America has to offer is brilliant!” -Fabian Harris
“I totally loved this information.” -Mary Wolfe
“WIN! WIN! Great IDEA! Congratulations for preparing the future generations in financial savvy, missing from my generation.” -Silvia Comparini
“I get sooooo excited knowing how ingenious you both are to have developed such a great, fantastic, incredible system that helps anyone in any kind of small to medium business at a fortune 500 level…you got my vote.”
-Yolanda Martinez San Antonio, TX
“Me and my wife are interviewing 2 students next week, and if we like them, will be bringing them on board with us and our company. All this since we got your course a few weeks ago! Thank you. . .You both explained the intern process so well and it’s just what we needed to grow our company. Thank you again and we’ll let you know how it goes next week!”
-Timothy and Mary Moore San Antonio, TX
“I just wanted to say that I was/am very impressed with your customer service. You are courteous, friendly, helpful and available. I also noticed when Dreama had her last Q & A call, that she stayed on the line until all of the calls were answered. I get the feeling that you all really care about your customers. You are the kind of people that I like to work with. Even though Justin and Dreama have been very successful, they are still able to relate to those of us just geting started. Please let them know that it is noticed and appreciated.”
-Maggie Marchik Westbend, WI