What We Do

Intern Profits provides tools and resources to help small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs find an intern and the skills to effectively hire an intern.  Most importantly, and unique to Intern Profits, is that we give businesses that are creating an internship program the ability to manage an intern or a team of interns while creating a win-win scenario for both the intern and the business owner.

Through our online courses, webinars and video trainings we show entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses how to find, hire and manage interns to grow their business.  By creating an internship program that allows the business owner to grow his or her business with the help of interns, the business owner is also providing real world on the job training on real tasks that the intern can take on to their next job or start their own business.

Through our Easy Intern Assignments™, we provide business owners with turnkey trainings and projects that help the business generate more leads, more sales, more revenue and more profits for the business – while solving the problem of not being able to train the intern effectively.  Our “Easy Intern Assignments” solve the “What will my intern do?” question and each one is taught by one of our expert faculty members. Our experts train your intern on a variety of topics, from social media, to video marketing, press releases, search engine optimization, and much more.

As the small business owner or entrepreneur grows his business through the power of creating an internship program, he will be able to create more jobs for more people, thereby, helping to rebuild the economy.

We believe that when a business owner decides to hire an intern to grow his business, he also decides to give back to his community by making efforts to find an intern to mentor and provide job skills to these interns that will create a more ready workforce.

By creating an internship program, entrepreneurs and small business owners can lead the way in helping to rebuild the economy, one intern at a time.