College and University Partnership Opportunities with Intern Profits

Colleges and universities want their students to receive the best possible work/learning experience, whether it is with a small business, non-profit, government agency, or major corporation.  We share your desire for quality.

Our mission is to provide training and webinars for organizations on how to find, hire and manage interns.  One component is a set of modules we call “Easy Intern Assignments,” which assist site supervisors in providing valuable training on real world tasks and projects like social media and online marketing.  This training enhances any student’s resume and adds value to the employer.

Ways We Can Help You
You may be considering ways to educate the organizations with whom you work about the importance of creating educationally successful internships.  This is an area where we can support you by providing educational materials and training via webinars, video trainings, blog posts, articles for your newsletters, or in-person presentations.   All these can be tailored to meet your goals.

We also maintain a database of schools which offer internships.  Businesses access this database to find the proper person to contact, so they can offer opportunities to your students.  Currently, we have over 400 schools listed.  If you would like to be included, just email or call us and we will be sure to include your school in our database.

We Practice What We Preach
Internships are not just a subject we talk about.  To learn more about what our current and past interns are doing for our own business, please visit .

Contact Us
Feel free to email us at  or call us at (888) 291-9098 to learn more about how we can assist your school in providing the best internships possible for your students.

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