How To Get A FREE Copy Of Our Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit ($149 Value)

If you noticed last week we sent you a few emails about some great training on a webinar from our friend Lewis Howes, author and Linkedin expert.

This was a free webinar from Lewis that was all about showing you how to harness the power of Linkedin to help you grow your business.

We also followed up with a great blog post, outlining 7 Ways Your Intern Can Help You Grow Your Business On Linkedin.

However, since then, a few of you have had some more questions about having an intern help with your social media, and specifically, on Linkedin.

Questions like:

  • “Where can I get more ‘best practices” on the ‘7 Ways’ blog post you wrote last week?”
  • “How do I know which groups on Linkedin my intern should (and shouldn’t) be focusing on?”
  • “Should it be me, or my intern, posting to the groups and answering questions on Linkedin?”

These questions, plus a ton of other great info, are answered on Lewis’ webinar, which you can still register for here:

Now at the end of the webinar, Lewis is going to make you a very generous offer (*gasp*) to get a copy of his latest course, Linkedinfluence 2.0

When he does, there are 2 versions you can get:

$97 (the regular version)
$297 (the super-duper beefed up version)

I’m not going to list ALL of the EXTRAS that you get with the $297 version (Lewis explains it all in his webinar), but I can tell you about the cool BONUS we have for you
if you take Lewis up on his very generous $297 offer.

Just send us in your receipt, and we’ll gladly send you a FREE copy of our Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit (a $149 value!)

Lewis’ Linkedinfluence 2.0 course is the PERFECT compliment to our Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit because our kit will help you hire your first (or next!) social media intern, and then you can have them implement a ton of what’s inside Linkedinfluence 2.0

Here’s what you need to do next to ensure you get your FREE Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit:

1.  Register for the upcoming webinar with Lewis:
2.  Make a risk-free order of his $297 Linkedin course and bonus bootcamp at the end of the webinar.
3.  Email your receipt to support AT efficiententerprisesinc DOT com (sorry, we hate spammers and email address scrapers)
4.  We will validate your order, and our support team will get you access to your FREE Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit

First things first, however, you have to get on the webinar:

Enjoy the free Linkedin training webinar,

The Intern Profits Team

PS- If you’re already ordered a copy of Lewis’ $297 Linkedin course, just send us a copy of your receipt, and we’ll get you over your FREE Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit ASAP!

PPS- This bonus offer is only good through the end of THIS weekend: Sunday, June 24th at 11:50pm PST!

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LIVE Q&A Webinar TODAY (Plus A Special Announcement)

Just a quick reminder about today’s LIVE Q&A webinar, where we’re going to answer your questions about all things interns and internships.

Register for today’s live Q&A session here:

Intern Profit’s president and co-founder Dreama Lee will be live on this training to answer any questions that you have about finding, hiring & managing interns.

Today’s webinar starts promptly at:

10am PST
11am MST
12pm CST
1pm EST
6pm GMT

There is no cost to attend the training, but you must reserve a spot, which you can do so by registering here:

Also, on today’s webinar, we’ll have a special announcement revealing how you can get a FREE copy of our Social Media Intern Quickstart Kit!

Don’t miss today’s webinar, during which we’ll reveal all of the details about how you can claim your FREE Social Media Intern Quickstart Kit!

We’ll “see” you on today’s webinar,

The Intern Profits Team

PS- Remember, we’ll be taking your questions, LIVE during today’s webinar:

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7 Ways Your Intern Can Help You Grow Your Business On Linkedin

Over the past few days we’ve emailed our subscribers about LinkedInfluence 2.0, a fantastic course from Forbes contributor Lewis Howes about how to get more business from Linkedin.

(Yes, Lewis writes and contributes to about his business success which he attributes largely to Linkedin).

Since then a number of our email subscribers have written in wanting to know about our “best practices” when it comes to having your intern work on your Linkedin strategy.

Here are our Top 7 Ways Your Intern Can Help You Grow Your Business On Linkedin, which can be easily achieved when you apply the strategies and principles taught inside  Lewis’ updated course, LinedInfluence 2.0:

1.  Build your Company Profile
Did you know that you company can have a profile page on Linkedin?  Think of it as Linkedin’s version of a Facebook Fanpage.  They are easy to build, and give people searching about you, your business, and your industry a place to get more information about your business?  Don’t have a company profile yet on Linkedin?  Get you intern to build you one, or improve your existing one.

2.  Research & Join Groups
Have your intern research your industry and find out what the most active and largest groups are for it on Linkedin.  Have them join these groups, and then inform you as to which ones you (as the business owner) should also join.  Also make sure to have your intern find out who the group owners are for the biggest and most influential groups in your niche.  Send them a personal message, and connect with them…offer to see if you can help them with anything related to their group (or anything at all!)

Also, don’t just think about the groups in your niche, but also think about the groups that your ideal customers are members of and “hang out” in.  Once they’ve done this for you, and both you and your intern have joined the group, you’re going to want to have them…

3.  Monitor Discussions In These Groups On Your Behalf
There are a TON of great debates and discussions going on inside of all of the groups related to your niche, but how many of them are you contributing to?  More importantly, how much spare time do you have to monitor all of  these great debates and discussions going on inside of Linkedin groups every single day?  EXACTLY.

Instead, assign your intern to monitor these discussions, and notify you when there’s one that you should contribute to.  Not only will you be able to position yourself as a helpful expert within your niche, but your intern will learn a lot more about your industry as well!

4.  Start (or grow) Your Existing Groups on Linkedin
Don’t have your own group on Linkedin, dedicated to your niche?  Start one!  Have a group, but not seeing enough growth or discussion inside of it?  Have your intern start discussions, and grow it, by:

  • Inviting others inside Linkedin
  • Inviting people on Facebook & your Facebook Fanpage
  • Inviting people on Twitter
  • Creating a short YouTube video with an invite
  • Joining other groups and inviting those people (pay close attention to the end of Module 2 inside of LinkedInfluence 2.0 for exactly how to do this without looking “spammy)

5. Using “Answers” On Linkedin
Linkedin has a huge database of people asking questions and getting answers.  Have your intern search this for questions that people have about your industry, so you can answer them, provide value, and be helpful to others in your niche.  (There’s a lot more information on exactly how to do this in the most effective manner inside Module 4 of LinkedInfluence 2.0).

Then have your intern take your answers, and turn them into content for your website.  This content could be in the form of:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • Free Reports

6.  Creating Events On Linkedin
Just like you can create an event on Facebook and invite your friends, you can also create an event on Linkedin and invite others as well.  Events can be live events, meetings, seminars, webinars, meetups, or anything else!  For example, if you’re a real estate agent, invite people to your open houses; if you’re a business owner having a sale, invite others to your big sale (whether it’s online or offline).

7.  Share Everything You Do On Linkedin On Your Other Social Networking Sites
Whether it’s answering a question, posting a comment in a group discussion, sharing content inside your own group (or one that you’re a member of), writing a new blog post, issuing a new press release, or hosting an event on Linkedin, make sure that your intern shares this activity on your other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas on how you can engage your intern with your Linkedin strategy.  We would highly recommend giving them (and yourself) the ultimate guide in helping market and grow your business using Linkedin, which would be to pick up your copy of the newly updated LinkedInfluence 2.0, which we have personally reviewed and gets our top rating for anyone looking to generate more business from Linkedin (and having their intern help them in the process).

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Intern Profits’ Report on How To Start an Internship Program Now Available on Kindle

Blaine, WA, May 31, 2012, — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. announced that a report on how to start an internship program is now available on Kindle for download. The special report, entitled, “How to Hire an Intern:  Your Blueprint for Creating an Internship Program,” provides information on starting an internships program.

The report on creating an internship program includes the following information:

  • How To Find, Hire & Manage Your Interns With Ease
  • The 3 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Own Internship Program
  • How to identify the best tasks to assign interns
  • How to compensate interns
  • The best places to find interns
  • How to write a winning job description
  • How to successfully manage interns

Read More »

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New Book SupportingInternships and Internship Programs Released

San Diego, CA, May 22, 2012, — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce that their President and Co-Founder, Dreama Lee, is a contributing author to a newly released book supporting internships and internship programs: Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money Can’t Buy.

The book, a collaborative effort of twenty intern advocates from the private sector, non-profit and higher education reveals “the other side of the story” surrounding the controversies over internships.

Read More »

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Running Your Virtual Office From Anywhere In the World: The Essentials!

Greetings from beautiful Panama.  As many of you know we’ve taken Intern Profits (and our real estate investing business) fully virtual for the next few months.

As we shared with you in our announcement of our impending move and adventure we will be giving you tips and techniques on how to run your business completely virtual.

Now that we are in a third world country running both of our businesses remotely we figure it was time to share our top “must haves” for operating remotely.

1.  High Speed Internet

This might sound obvious, but running your business internationally absolutely requires high speed internet.  Unfortunately we found this out the hard way in Greece during a 2008 trip: the internet was painfully slow (think 1990s dial up) which made for unproductive business time, and grumpy business owners…not a way to spend your time working or having fun.

When you’re heading to an international destination, you can’t always be assured of high speed internet quality, but as the world develops, even here in Panama, we’ve found the internet to be very fast – in fact, the internet we have on a remote island off the coast of Panama near Red Frog Beach is faster than our internet in our old office in San Diego!

2.  Phone access to anywhere in the world

We’ve been using Vonage for nearly 6 years now, because it gives us unlimited long distance calling to anywhere in the USA & Canada, plus over 100 other countries.  But the best part about Vonage is that we can bring an adapter and a phone with us, and use our phone just as if I were in the USA.

This means that people in the USA (or Canada or the UK or anywhere else in the world) can reach us just by dialing our old phone number that we had in California!  We  don’t pay long distance to call anyone either!  The quality is awesome, and it makes it really easy for family, friends and business people to keep in touch with us while we’re abroad (they never have to dial internationally!)

The catch is you need #1 – high speed internet.

There are other resources out there as well including Magic Jack which we used while we were abroad in Greece back in 2008.  This is a device that gives anyone with high speed internet free phone service and a free phone number with unlimited local and long distance calling.  They have a free trial period and then there is an annual fee.

3.  Skype

Skype is really the main management tool we use on a regular basis with our team of contractors, virtual assistants, virtual interns, bookkeepers and accountants.  We can chat (think: IM), speak by voice, or even do video calls.  We listed Vonage ahead of Skype because Skype only works if the other party has the app installed.

4.  Electronic Signature technology/software

In our other business, real estate investing, signing documents is nearly a daily task so we have to be able to sign documents at any time, anywhere.  It’s essential to have software/technology that allows you to sign documents remotely.  In other words, you don’t  need to lug a printer, scanner or fax machine abroad, or track one down while you’re traveling.

Justin uses Docusign often to make and close real estate deals.  It is a great technology that allows you to sign documents with the click of a mouse!  They also have some great apps, including one for Microsoft Outlook and another for the iPhone and Android mobile devices.  And it’s free.

I recently purchased a Mac and using it’s Preview feature I can take “photos” of our signatures or initials and “sign” documents right from my computer.  Simple and easy.  If you have a Mac and you don’t have the “annotate” feature with signatures – I recommend updating your version.  Great app!

5.  A Great Virtual Team

While this is for certain the most important “tool”, it’s not something that you can just buy or download.  You actually have to spend time cultivating a great team.

Fortunately for us we’ve had a small team that we work with on a daily basis that have been with us for many years.  They all work remotely (from VA to New Orleans to Vancouver).  Some have fixed hours each week, others work on an as needed basis.  You can meet our core service team here.

And of course we have all our great virtual interns who we are able to continue working with and mentoring because they have always been virtual.  If you haven’t checked out our latest interns go here.

We also have two separate bookkeepers in Ohio who handle each of our different businesses as well as an accountant in Vancouver.

One of our bookkeepers is even getting all of our “snail mail” and opening, handling sending us bills, depositing checks, etc. for us.  There are tons of services out there that will also do this for you for a small monthly fee and/or per action fee.

Our Virtual Office In Bocas Del Toro

Our team is all over the USA & Canada so our being in Panama really doesn’t change much for us in business operations as long as we have the aforementioned technology solutions.

If you still haven’t hired an intern or want to learn more about what an intern can do for you check out one of our upcoming webinars.

If you haven’t considered hiring a virtual assistant and here’s a webinar we recently hosted revealing how any business owner an get a virtual assistant and get their first 40 hours of work done FOR FREE!

In closing, we are enjoying our team here in Panama as a family and putting the “virtual office” to a real test.

If you have questions about how you can set-up your office and work remotely leave them below.  We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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How To Get A Virtual Assistant For Free

Over the past couple of weeks we have been talking about how to determine if you need a virtual assistant or an intern, and we’ve also talked about what tasks you should assign an intern vs a virtual assistant.  

We took it one step further in last week’s webinar with Michael Hellickson, revealing how everyone can get a virtual assistant for FREE for 40 hours was a huge success. Check out the webinar below, or simply visit to get started right away!

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Virtual Intern Tasks vs. Virtual Assistant Tasks: Understanding Who Does What!

In our last blog post we talked about the three simple questions to ask yourself if you are trying to decide if you need to hire a virtual assistant or a virtual intern or a combination of both.

We want to break down the individual tasks and projects that would be most suited to each of these human resource solutions so you can have a better idea of how to better utilize these two resources.

Let’s first look at tasks and projects most suited for virtual assistants.  As we discussed in our previous blog post it is best to identify tasks and projects for virtual assistants that help you maintain your business on a day-to-day basis.  Most important is that many of these tasks require extensive training on software, systems and processes that would not be suited or efficient to have to re-train an intern on every few months.

Additionally, by the very definition of internships – your interns need to be learning transferable skills that will allow them to pursue their professional career by working for your company – administrative tasks, as listed below, do not allow for much of a learning opportunity for the intern.

Virtual Assistant tasks may include:

Virtual Assistant Tasks

  1. Customer support and customer service where the virtual assistant is responding to your customer needs on a quick turn around – generally within 24 hours because they have set hours and requirements to address your day-to-day customer service needs.
  2. Day-to-day database and customer relations’ management (CRM) maintenance so that your database and records are always the most up to date and someone who is working for your company on a daily basis understands how these important systems work.
  3. Bookkeeping, billing, collections, etc. as virtual assistants are more plugged into your day-to-day operations and can track and follow-up on these items on a daily/weekly basis.
  4. Arranging travel is better suited for a virtual assistant as he or she can become familiar with your preferences, accounts, etc. to make for a smooth travel experience.
  5. Managing personal and company calendars.
  6. Maintaining auto responders and customer lists.
  7. Providing transcription services.
  8. High-level executive assistant tasks.
  9. Telemarketing

Intern tasks should be both learning activities and projects and tasks that will allow you to grow your business.  They are those tasks that, once completed, will help you acquire new customers, improve your brand, increase your sales and revenue, cut costs and ultimately increase your profits.

Intern tasks and projects can include, and can almost all be accomplished with a virtual intern:

1.  Video Marketing – creating, editing and posting videos then sharing those videos to social media and sharing sites.

Virtual Intern Projects

2.  Press Release Marketing – writing, editing and posting press releases; media outreach; creating media lists/maintaining media lists; following Google Alerts to stay on top of industry and find new partnerships; monitoring media listserv requests like HARO and providing and maintain canned responses; as well as creating a media kit and press page on your company website.

3.   Social Media Marketing – creating, monitoring, updating, engaging your customers and increasing followers, members, connections or “likes” for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for you or your company.

4.  Website Analytics – monitoring the traffic to your website and what the visitors do while on your website.

5.  Research – book ideas, report ideas, blog posts, competition, article ideas, etc.

6.  Blogging – create, maintain and update your blog and comment on other blogs in your industry.

7.  New Product/Service development

8.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

9.  Writing and Copywriting

10.  Accounting – audits, creating new tracking systems, etc. – project based

11.  Advertising/Marketing -create ads, run ads, test ads, etc.

12.  Branding – create brand and plan for consistency throughout all materials, messaging, etc.

13.  New clients/customers – research new ideas for attaining new clients.

14.  Create new systems or processes and or audit current systems while also documenting systems or processes so others can implement in their day-to-day activities.

15.  Events – pre and post event preparation.

16.  General management assistance – researching new vendors, suppliers, etc.

17.  Implement home study courses or online training materials and resources.

18.  Create or edit presentations.

This list of tasks and projects should get you well on your way to hiring your first virtual intern and/or virtual assistant to hit the ground running helping you grow and maintain your business.

For more information on how to hire a virtual intern check out our white paper on virtual interns.

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant then make sure that you register for the upcoming webinar we’re hosting this week, and discover how you can get 40 FREE hours of work from your first virtual assistant!


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Do you need a Virtual Intern or a Virtual Assistant? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Your Needs.

Have you been wondering lately if in fact you might need a virtual assistant (or assistant) instead of a virtual intern (or intern)?  Or a combination of both?

Well, often times when we talk to business owners we discover that in addition to starting an internship program they also need to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant

We decided to come up with a list of three simple questions you can ask yourself to quickly decide if you need a virtual intern or a virtual assistant.  Many of you will determine you need both.

In addition, and as promised, we want to share some of our business strategies and practices that allow us to work anywhere, anytime, as we embark on our 4-month working sabbatical.  You guessed it; we have both virtual interns and virtual assistants that allow us to have a remote work environment and workforce because we have a multitude of tasks and projects that need to be completed but are better suited for either a virtual intern or virtual assistant requiring us to hire both.

Here’s our list of three questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you need a virtual assistant or a virtual intern.  The answers to these questions will also help you determine the tasks that are appropriate for an intern vs. an assistant as you begin to grow your company.

Q.1. What are my needs in my business that would require either an intern and/or assistant?

A.1.  If you answer with tasks like: customer support; customer service; data entry; scheduling; day-to-day database/CRM maintenance; bookkeeping; travel arrangements; managing company calendar; maintaining autoresponders/lists; or transcription services then you probably want to hire an assistant or virtual assistant.  These are more day-to-day tasks to “maintain” your business which are more suited for an assistant.

If you answer with tasks like:  video marketing; press release marketing; social media marketing; website analytics; research and writing; blogging; new product/service development; search engine optimization (SEO); and/or copywriting then you want to hire an intern or virtual intern.  These tasks are going to help you grow your business and are great tasks for an intern.

Q.2.  How many hours/days a week do you need help? 

A.2.  If you need someone more than 10-15 hours per week and more than 2-3 days per week that they MUST report to work then you probably need a virtual assistant.  If you don’t need the person to be available for more than 10-15 hours a week and they can work all of their hours in 1-3 days if needed, or if the work schedule is flexible, then you are probably want to hire an intern.

Q.3. Do you need regular ongoing help or just project based?

A.3.  If you have projects and tasks that are ongoing and daily repetitive that you’ll need help with for the foreseeable future then you should hire a virtual assistant.  Interns typically work for 3-6 months so projects that have a defined beginning and end are best suited for interns; or projects that could easily be transferred to a newly incoming intern.

At this point you have probably decided that you in fact need both a virtual intern and a virtual assistant.  In our next blog post we’ll further explain the types of tasks and projects that are best for a virtual intern or a virtual assistant.

For more information on how to hire a virtual intern check out our white paper on virtual interns.

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant check out our preferred vendor at Virtual Assistant Staffing.

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Intern Profits Releases Special Report on How To Start an Internship Program

San Diego, CA, April 26, 2012, — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. announced that they are releasing a report on how to start an internship program. The special report, titled, “How to Hire an Intern: Your Blueprint for Creating an Internship Program,” provides information on starting an internships program.

The special report on creating an internship program includes:

  • The 3 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Own Internship Program
  • How To Find, Hire & Manage Your Interns With Ease
  • The “Rock & A Hard Place” Facing Today’s Youth
  • How to compensate interns
  • How to identify the best tasks for interns to work on
  • The best places to find interns and get flooded with resumes
  • How to write a winning job description
  • How to successfully manage interns

Read More »

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