Intern Profits Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

We were recently contacted by Entrepreneur Magazine to help them with an article on how entrepreneurs can  effectively and efficiently find, hire and manage interns.  After three plus years of advocating for entrepreneurs hiring interns it’s refreshing and rewarding to see this piece be published.

You can read the article here:

Over the course of the past few months we provided Entrepreneur Magazine research that we had conducted on intern programs, how to set-up an internship program effectively and entrepreneurs using interns; as well, we put them in touch with several members of our Intern Profits community and gave them full access to our Intern Profits System.

The article on “5 Ways to Find, Train and Oversee the Ideal Intern” provides important information on how to find, hire and manage the best interns for an entrepreneurial company and features not only our President and Co-Founder, Dreama Lee, but also some of our Intern Profits community members who have used interns to grow their business while providing educational opportunities for our future workforce.


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Intern Profits Upgrades Internship Database to Include Canadian Schools

Blaine, WA, February 25, 2013, — Intern Profits, a service of Efficient Enterprises, Inc, has released a new version of its internship program database to include schools in Canada. In addition to assisting small businesses in understanding how to find an intern, they have made the search for interns in Canada even easier through their upgraded database, which now includes Canadian schools.

The intern database allows business owners to search colleges and university internships programs across the United States and Canada.

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Replay of Internship Program Open Q&A

Here’s the replay of our popular Open Q&A session from today’s call.

We had some really great questions like:

1.  What is the maximum amount of interns a business owner should have at one time?

2. What are ways to keep my internship tasks exciting, considering that different things excite different people?

3. I am the only one that runs my business and all of my interns are virtual. How do I make the internship as real as possible?

4.  Would it make sense to hire a management intern (one who’s looking for that in their career) to help me manage the internship program and interns?

5.  What have you found to be the best practices for social media interns and the number of accounts that they manage?

And many more.

If you missed the webinar or just want to re-listen to the great dialogue and discussions you can watch and listen to the webinar here:

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7 Reasons You Need To Use Direct Mail In Your Business

In today’s hyper competitive marketing world, where it seems as though nearly everything is online, direct mail is a mediums that is often overlooked.  While you might not have considered launching a direct mail campaign, think about the challenge of “inbox attention” and getting your emails read.

Now consider how easily a piece of direct mail can capture your attention.  No matter what kind of business you own, here are 7 reasons you should consider joining the ranks of smart business owners everywhere using direct mail in their business today.

1.    It’s Laser Targeted  – You can target markets by demographics, psychographics, or  even past purchases (a personal favorite).  There are compiled lists, which consist of contacts who share some similarity like living in the same zip code, belonging to the same political party, or having blue eyes.  There are also responders lists, which are made up of people who have responded or opted into something in some way like requesting more info, filling out a warranty card, or calling from a radio or tv commercial.  You can even get lists of people who are buyers of some other product or service.  People on these lists have already demonstrated a willingness to buy something- do you think that they might be good prospects for you?

2.    Super Stealthy – Unlike marketing online, direct mail gives you the ability to test, grow, and build  a campaign or business with very little visibility by your competitors.  It’s very easy with all the tools available to “spy” on your competition online, but that’s not the case with direct mail.  They won’t know how much you’re mailing, how often, or have any idea what your conversions are.  If you’re in a very competitive niche, or in a niche that does most of it’s business online, the thought of direct mail should have you salivating by now.

3.    Easily Scalable – The size you can grow to is only limited by the number of available responsive lists.  With direct mail you can very predictably scale your business by continuing to test additional lists.  Having a knowledgeable list broker on your team can help you scale as quickly as possible, and also predict what size you can scale to, even after that first single test.

4.    Very Few Moving Parts -  With a direct mail campaign your biggest variables are:

  • The list (who am I mailing to?)
  • The mail piece itself (postcard, letter, what does it say, etc?)
  • The response device (am I asking them to visit a webpage, call a toll free number, listen to a recorded message, or something else?).

Obviously there are other factors to consider, but just having these 3 variables make it easy to track, test and tweak.

5.    Low-Tech And “Beginner Friendly” – You don’t need to know how to write computer code or put up a website.  Nor do you have to hire someone to do this for you.  There’s no computer person involved at all.  Once the copy and layout is done for the mail piece, turning on your campaign is as easy as calling your list broker to order names and then calling the print/mail shop to place your order.

6.    Relatively Inexpensive – Depending on your industry, you can get your per lead costs to as low as $2,  and per sale cost for a $1,495  dollar product as low as $150.  As opposed to generating leads online, you can target BUYER leads with direct mail.  Leads generated via direct mail tend to have a MUCH higher LTV (lifetime value) and fewer unsubscribes and spam complaints than those generated online.

7.    Little To No Competition – Today’s marketing competition is trying to be won online.  However imagine cultivating leads somewhere else, where your competition isn’t: direct mail.  Considering that you can target a list of people who are buyers in your industry, doesn’t that warrant a test of a direct mail campaign at least once in 2013?

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if you use direct mail for lead generation, direct selling of your existing products or services, or to test a new product or service.  Direct mail can help you build and grow your business predictably and with very little hassle.

If you’re not sure about where to get started, check out the book “Postcard Profits” by Luke Jaten.  Luke has sold over $65 Million worth of goods & services from direct mail, and for a limited time, he’s actually giving away his book for free.  You can claim your very own copy here.

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Black Friday HALF PRICE Sale & Small Business Saturday With Intern Profits

It’s baaaaccckkkkkk!

Last year we had so many new, happy and THANKFUL customers join us for our first ever “Black Friday Blowout” sale that we’ve decided to do it again this year!

And just like last year, in addition to our “Black Friday Blowout” sale, we’ve also partnered with American Express to bring you “Small Business Saturday.”  This is our way of recognizing small business owners everywhere, and to do our part in helping to rebuild the economy, Intern Profits is hosting 2 very special sales events this weekend.

Super Sales Event #1: Intern Profits Black Friday Blowout

The first is in observance of “Black Friday” and is a 27 hour sale that we’ve only done once before (“Black Friday” 2011).  (For those of you outside the USA, “Black Friday” is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, where retailers offer insane discounts on their merchandise).

Intern Profits will be participating with a “blow out special” of our popular Intern Profits System™ for HALF PRICE!

Normally priced at 2 payments of $97, starting on Thursday, November 22nd at 11:59pm EST anyone will be able to pick up a copy for just a single payment of $97!  That’s right, you don’t even have to make the 2nd payment….we’ll take care of it for you!

This Half Price sale will last until Friday, November 23rd at 11:59pm PST.

All you have to do is visit this SPECIAL LINK during that 27 hour period:

Super Sales Event #2: Small Business Saturday With American Express

After our Black Friday Blowout sale, the very next day, Saturday November 23rd, we’ve partnered with American Express to bring you “Small Business Saturday.”  Simply register your American Express card, and make a purchase with a participating small business (like Intern Profits), and American Express will issue you a $25 credit on your statement!

That means that if you’ve been on the fence about getting our Easy Intern Assignments, or one of our Intern Quick Start Kits, or our Legal Kit, you can now use your American Express card and get a $25 statement credit when you make your purchase on “Small Business Saturday” this Saturday, November 23rd.

To register your American Express card to get the free $25 statement credit, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enroll your eligible American Express® Card at Enrollment began November 18th and will continue until 11:59PM MST on November 24th unless the enrollment limit is reached sooner.
  2. Use your enrolled Card to spend $25 or more on a single in-store transaction (or online) at a qualifying small business (like Intern Profits) on Small Business Saturday, November 24th, 2012.  (For information on qualifying small business locations in addition to Intern Profits, visit
  3. Get a $25 statement credit from American Express within eight weeks.

It’s very simple, and very easy!

Last year some of our very best customers took advantage of the half price sale on Black Friday, and then made another purchase on Small Business Saturday to get their $25 statement credit from American Express.

In case you’re wondering about the other products we have in addition to the Intern Profits System™ (which will be half price on Black Friday), you can view our full suite of products on our website.

So remember, on “Black Friday” you can get our most popular course, the Intern Profits System™ for HALF PRICE, and the following day if you use your participating American Express card (that you have per-registered) you’ll get a $25 statement credit directly from American Express, provided that you make your purchase with you American Express card on Saturday, November 24th.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.  And if you’re a new customer, and not exactly sure about Intern Profits, take a look at what other small business owners just like you have to say about working with Intern Profits, after you watch the video below:

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August 2012 Open Q&A Replay

We had some great questions on this month’s Open Q&A call.

If you were unable to attend and what to listen in on all the questions from our community about finding, hiring and managing interns you can watch the webinar below.




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The One Company That Terrifies Google

Earlier this week there was a fantastic article written in Business Insider about the one company that terrifies Google’s executives.

It’s not Facebook or Microsoft, but just like Microsoft, the company is based out of the state of Washington.

We strongly suggest that you read the short article from Business Insider, and then quickly watch the replay of the webinar we hosted earlier this week.

You’ll want to have your business positioned to leverage the only company (and website) on the planet that keeps Google awake at night.  Go ahead and read the short article, and then hurry up and watch the webinar here.

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Is This An Irresponsible Portrayal Of Internships?

I recently came across this video, put out by the New Jersey Devils, a professional ice hockey team that plays in the NHL.

In the video, (which was put together by the actual management of the team, not any of its interns), the Devils are “trying out” different interns.

The problem is that the “tests” are many of the stereotypical things that you should NOT have your interns doing (getting coffee, making copies, etc)

The “draft” aspect of the video is humorous, and I understand the angle the Devils were going after, but unfortunately ads and videos like this still perpetuate the stereotypes of many internships.

Here’s the full video from YouTube:

What about you?  What are your thoughts?  Is the video just “in good fun” or does it paint internships in a bad light and perpetuate a stereotype?  Please leave your comments below.

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Why Every Business Owner Needs a Blog

Have you ever thought about how important a blog is to your business?  You may already set up a blog and written a blog post or two but have you every thought about how important blogging is?

Let’s pause for a moment and think about how you find information you seek these days.  Perhaps you are looking for a new restaurant to try, the latest technology, a solution to an electronic/tech problem, a new service provider or new product to buy.  Chances are you’ve fired up your computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone, etc. and started your search.

And what did you find?  Chances are a blog or blog like forum with a host of answers or options to your question.  Today, businesses who dominate their market have blogs that speak to their audience on a consistent basis providing up to date information that is exciting to their customer or potential customer.

Today society no longer relies on the media alone to provide them information.  People want the most cutting edge information from the best experts in a specific field.  And chances are, those answers are coming from blogs.

Business owners who are growing their business, and maintaining their current customer base, are increasingly using blogs to engage current and future clients.  People now want information “now” that is the latest, hottest and most up to date.  They can’t wait for the media to digest the information and then report back to them.  This is why we are increasingly seeing blogs become “the source” of information for the masses.

So what does this mean to you the business owner?  Well, no matter what business you are in, be it a restauranteur, consultant (management, technology, etc.), real estate, a small bricks-and-mortar business (think boutique, print shop, etc.), etc. – you need to have a blog to engage your current customers in order to maintain their business and generate new customers.

Blogging can be the most sustainable, low cost, high return investment you can make in your business.

However, as a business owner you likely find yourself constantly pulled in a million directions. Accounting, legal, marketing and of course sales.  Not to mention the day-to-day of running your business and most importantly taking care of your customers.

Like most business owners you unfortunately neglect the important things in your business like blogging.  By now, if you’ve been a member of our community for awhile, you have hired an intern to help you get this all done.  Hopefully you’ve utilized our Easy Intern Assignments to set-up your blog and have created systems to blog on a consistent basis.

If you haven’t, we’d encourage you to get started blogging today!

Like you, we often struggle to blog on a consistent basis – we are like the plumber with the leaky toilet at home – but we have put into place systems and processes to help us consistently blog while creating new customers and engaging our current customer basis.

Next week we are going to share with you a new system we’ve found that allows you to create and better manage your blogging to grow your business.

Don’t forget that having interns on board to help with all your blogging needs can free you up to do other things in your business.

Here’s a link to some of our most popular blog posts here at Intern Profits:


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[Demo Video] How To Get Intern Profits Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit For FREE ($149 Value)

Earlier in the week we wrote a blog post about a great promotion where you can get a FREE copy of our Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit (a $149 value).  All you had to do was pick up a copy of the $297 Linkedinfluence 2.0 by attending a webinar with Lewis Howes before Sunday, June 24th at 11:59pm PST.

Since we wrote that post, a lot of people have emailed in and asked to learn more about what’s exactly inside of the Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit.  So today, we recorded a brief screen capture video showing you exactly what’s inside of our kit, and why it’s a perfect compliment to Linkedinfluence 2.0.  Have a quick watch:

Now that you’ve seen exactly what’s inside of the kit, we’re sure you’re ready to get a free copy, so here’s what you need to do next:

1.  Register for the upcoming webinar with Lewis:
2.  Make a risk-free order of his $297 Linkedin course and bonus bootcamp at the end of the webinar.
3.  Email your receipt to support AT efficiententerprisesinc DOT com (sorry, we hate spammers and email address scrapers)
4.  We will validate your order, and our support team will get you access to your FREE Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit

First things first, however, you have to get on the webinar:

Remember, you need to hurry, because the promotion to claim your free Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit end this Sunday night, June 24th, at 11:59pm PST.  You’re running out of time to get on the Linkedin training webinar with Lewis, so register for it now!

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