Writing Intern Reviews – How To Be Efficient and Effective

So it’s that time of year again…time to write reviews for our interns.  I used to find this a daunting task but don’t now as I have it down to a system and have past reviews to help me craft new reviews.  (And we share samples of these with our Intern Profits System members).

I actually enjoy writing most of our reviews as it’s nice to look back on all the hard work our interns have done for us (and all for free).  You can check out some of the work our interns have been doing for us at their blog at: www.TheInternProfits.com.

And I like giving people compliments.  Who doesn’t?  I’m guessing there are some out there who don’t but for me I love it.  As they say, to get compliments you must give them.  So I’m all for handing out compliments like candy at Halloween!

But what do you say about the intern who just gave us “C” quality work, or worse, “F” quality work?  Do I give him a “C” rating?  Or a “Fail” review?

Unfortunately this semester that’s exactly what happened.  We had an intern who showed up for the first few weeks but didn’t have a clue how to complete a task…and actually never completed a task.  He then just vanished…

I was shocked to receive an eval in the mail from his school as I figured he must have “self-selected” out of being a part of our internship program.  Needless to say I had to do the hard part of giving him a failing review.  I still feel a bit bad about it but the truth is, the real world is tough.  If you don’t show up or don’t complete tasks you aren’t going to last long in anything you do.

But don’t get me wrong.  We had some AMAZING interns over the past semester (some who stayed with us from the summer even).  And we got to write some pretty good reviews.

We share our reviews and letters of recommendations with our Intern Profit System members so that when they have to write their own reviews they have  guidance and aren’t starting from scratch like we had to do.

To learn more about reviews check out our article on how to write a recommendation for your intern.

We’d love to hear about your internship stories – good and bad and how you handled reviews at the conclusion of your internship.  Please share your thoughts or stories below.

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