Virtual Internships Provide Solution to Today’s Economic Problems

The benefits of virtual internships have never been greater in today’s economy and job market.

Whether the business is old or new, growth and success is an uphill battle.  Likewise, new college graduates are facing a humbling job market and unemployment is an issue, yet still tuition continues to rise.  With virtual internships the benefits are enough to solve these issues.  In the process, the virtual internship system designed by Intern Profits has the power to stimulate the economy and lower the unemployment rate.

Small businesses have a golden opportunity to fight the staggering odds of surviving and growing in today’s economy.  If employers can grow using the power of virtual interns, they will begin to create more jobs.  According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all US employers and have generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.

When a student leaves college without an internship, they face slim odds of getting a job because of there lack of experience.  The limited job market of today is more interested in a worker who has experience and a degree.  Paid internships are competitive, and the poor college students of today sometimes have no choice but to work for a wage while enrolled in classes.  Those graduates who could not intern and have no other experience have been trapped in the real world without a job and a heavy debt, which averaged $25,250 for graduates in 2010 and has since risen.

This is where virtual internships can save the day.  Businesses and organizations who consider virtual internship programs have a solution to help them grow by bringing on educated individuals who can add both value to their organization and provide a wider pool of potential employees.  Businesses are going global, and virtual employment is becoming more common in this advancing technological society.  Not to mention, the low cost of virtual internships for both the intern and the employer makes the idea very possible for both working students and tight budgeted businesses.

Virtual internships give the student opportunities to intern at a company across the country or on the other side of the globe.  The flexibility of working online allows an intern to complete work for a business wherever they may go.  Thus, virtual internships allow students to receive experience and a smooth transition into Internet based work.

From the benefits of experience for the intern and the quality work for the business, to turning unemployment around and contributing to reversing the economy, the virtual internship is the answer to some of the most difficult problems of today.

Thinking about offering (or taking) a virtual internship?  Are you a college or university and unsure about whether or not to approve (or even allow) virtual internships?

Stay informed, and get all of the facts about the exploding growth of virtual internships by downloading our free White Paper on Virtual Internships:

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