How to Hire An Intern

Learning how to hire an intern is important task for any business owner.  When developing an internship program many tasks need to be considered.  Identifying the needs of your current company is vital. Your business will want to develop an internship program that benefits both the company and the future intern.

Preparing a list of tasks or the role you expect your intern to complete is the first thing that should be on your list of requirements.  Doing this ahead of time allows you the opportunity to know what you are looking for when interviewing future candidates.

Next, when hiring an intern, is to consider who the intern will report to or work with on a daily basis. This will be an important role for you to identify.  The person whom the intern reports to should be involved with the hiring process, as they will work closely together with the intern.

Once you have decided what type of intern that is needed, the next step is to decide how your intern will be compensated for their work.  Some interns are looking for college credits or on the job experience while others are looking for paid internships. There are benefits in deciding in which route to go. When you hire interns for college credit the intern must meet their course credit requirements.  Gaining on the job experience is priceless for an intern’s resume.  Other perks include special training and development along with social opportunities to network with other professionals.

Deciding where to have your intern work is also important. They can either work on site or virtually from their home residence.  There are benefits to both aspects. If you structure the internship correctly it can work both ways. The structure of your company and how your company operates will be the deciding factors.

The next step in the process will be to find an intern. One of the best ways to find quality interns is through university career centers. Professors or advisers at local colleges can refer current students.  Other areas to advertise for interns include Craigslist, employee referrals, online job posting sites, print advertisements and postings on your own website.

When hiring interns it is important to first contact university officials to determine if their programs fit your requirements for an internship. It’s a good idea to research the university before contacting them. You need to get a feel as to what the interns requirements are to get college credit from the internship process.

Once all these steps are decided you can begin the interviewing process and you have a clear picture of how to hire an intern. The final steps of hiring an intern are similar to hiring a full time employee.  Deciding ahead of time what type of intern you require will make the final interviewing steps easy when you hire interns. Your intern will then become a positive impact in your business and satisfy your needs.

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