How to Find Your ‘Star’ Intern

If you think adding an internship to your business could increase productivity and inspire new outcomes, you may just be right!  Now you may ask, “But what if I get stuck with a ‘bad’ intern?”

How to Find Your Star Intern

Don’t fret, you aren’t alone.  Using these pointers as a compass, you will be on your way to finding the ‘star’ intern who has the power to advance your business prospects in the direction of success.  How then, will you find interns with ‘star’ power?

First, you must be up front.

The idea is to communicate clearly with each potential intern to spare an online business for example, from hiring someone like Lauren who has her sights set on marketing in the “bricks and mortar”world.  But when it comes to the internet marketing, Lauren has no reference point to even begin.  In this case, Lauren would likely feel overwhelmed and trapped.  Keep in mind, the intern must be able to undertake and complete the assigned work without needing immediate guidance and constant supervision.  In this way, virtual internships especially are made for interns who have established a point of reference for the specific tasks they are to be assigned.

Second, your intern must have the time management skills

Your intern must have the time management skillsThe second pointer which requires your attention is perhaps the key to receiving timely work from your interns.  The best interns, especially for virtual work, are autonomous in their endeavors.  In a nutshell, they are independent workers and thinkers.  These interns have already found balance in their own time and will manage the additional work of an internship with ease.  For example, Henry the intern might have bit off a little more than he could chew with his part-time job, summer classes, and writing internship.  This is no matter for Henry, an independent worker who researches on his phone between classes, and ponders topics while wiping tables at his job.  An independent intern, like Henry, will devise a way to do the required work on their internship while balancing other tasks and responsibilities.

Third, look for free thinkers

At last, the final pointer is to welcome the free-thinking intern.  These interns will usually bring a basket of their own fresh ideas to the picnic.  They are the source of what is new and interesting to think about.  Thus, original ideas are found by those who can complete tasks right, in time to wonder, “but how can I make it even better.”  And by seeing what has already been set into place, the free-thinking intern will build on the foundation of your business by viewing it’s every stone in a new light.

By being up front, seeking independent interns, and welcoming free-thinkers, you have already begun to clear a path to discovering the brightest stars in your own sky of business prospects and hire an intern that best meets your needs.

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