Giving Your Interns A Killer Recommendation

The traditional way that small business owners do a background check when hiring interns is to ask for past references. Then they call up your old boss and ask him/her a few questions about when you worked there 2-3 years ago. Yea your boss remembers you but it’s been a while since you worked there so the best they can do is give general answers like, “He was a hard worker” or, “She was very motivated.” Does this really provide any value to your new employer? No! Those responses could have been about anyone because they said nothing specific about who you are or what you did. Ladies and Gentleman, the old way of giving recommendations is dead! Hiring interns using the old method is really tough, which is why in this article you’re going to learn how we give killer recommendations that actually work!

The biggest thing that sets our recommendations apart from 99 percent of other small businesses is that we take the time to shoot a quick video. This way, our interns will always have a great recommendation from us that they can host on their YouTube channel and show future employers. There is no need for employers to play phone tag trying to get in touch with us, and we don’t have to try and remember all the past accomplishments of our interns.

Whenever you are shooting a recommendation video for an intern you want to remember to be as specific as possible. We will say things like, “John exceed expectations on project A which directly affected our small business in these ways…” From a small business owner’s point of view a recommendation like that can go a long way. Obviously not every intern is going to be a superstar, but you can always find something good to say about how they improved over the course of the internship or how they were really good at time management. The key here is to refer to specific examples where the intern shined and include numbers or percentages where appropriate.

We are in the internet age so we better start taking advantage of it. The benefits of video recommendations outweigh the traditional phone call in every category. They can be hosted on the internet so your interns always have them and it looks really professional when they are able to show their new employer a personal video from their boss. Your interns will also strive to exceed expectation when they know that they are going to be rewarded with such a great recommendation at the end. As long as you remember to be as specific as possible and site examples you will be giving your interns killer recommendations in no time.

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