Facebook Fanpage or A Website- Which Is Better For Your Business?

I recently read a very interesting article from Guy Kawasaki on the American Express Small Business Open forum.

In the article Guy debates the merits of starting a Facebook Fanpage vs. a website.  Guy makes great arguments for each side, and the article is well worth your time in reading.  However, the purpose of this blog post isn’t to debate between the two (Facebook Fanpages vs. a website), because in my opinion, you really need both.

But what really caught my attention when I read the article was that Guy Kawasaki admitted to hiring a company and paying them $2,000 to build his Facebook Fanpage.  That number SHOCKED me, as it seemed awfully expensive.  I visited Guy’s Fanpage, and it has a nice layout, and a beautiful clean look.

However, I much prefer the “2 step” approach that our Fanpage from InterProfits uses to capture more “likes” and also to capture more leads and add them to our email newsletter.

Going back to the price though, I know for a fact that a Social Media & PR internship would be able to build you a Fanpage just as nice as the professional one that Guy Kawasaki designed, if they had the proper guidance.

And that is exactly the reason why we included a “Facebook Fanpages” training as part of our “Easy Intern Assignments” included in our InternProfits system.  The big difference though is that our package, priced at $1997, not only shows you how to attract, hire & manage unpaid interns, but also includes 11 “Easy Intern Assignments” that you can literally hand to your intern and have them execute for your business.

These 11 “Easy Intern Assignments” include: Blogging, WordPress, Website Analytics, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Groups, SEO, Video Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Social SEO, Press Releases & Teleseminars.

Don’t forget that in addition to the 11 “Easy Intern Assignments” you also get a copy of our 5 module course, 6 weeks of coaching, our incredible Intern Database (find interns with a click of a mouse) and 2 tickets to our live event.

Now imagine spending $1997, getting an intern to work for your company, and then having them implement all of the 11 aforementioned marketing tools for your business (plus whatever else you wanted your intern to work on for your business).

Sure, you can’t have a Fanpage built overnight…you actually have to go through the process of finding and hiring your intern.  But that’s exactly what our course covers.

Then, once you’ve hired your intern, you can put them to work on all of those “Easy Intern Assignments” and get real benefit from having an intern on your team.

Of course, if time is tight, and you need your Facebook Fanpage done ASAP, then you can certainly spend $2,000 and get it done much faster.  I’m thinking though, that most entrepreneurs are building for the long haul, and would love to have interns on board helping them with all of these projects.

In conclusion, think long and hard about the value that an intern can bring to your business.  Once you set up your internship program, you can have a never-ending supply of interns working for your business.

To learn more about how you can use interns to grow your business, download our Free Video Training Course by visiting http://internprofits.com.

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