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“This was awesome. I have 6 pages of notes. That is definitely a sign that this was an extremely high quality presentation.”
-Iris Nance
Virginia Beach, VA

Creating an internship program is easy to do but it’s also easy to get it wrong. Designing an internship program for your business may seem overwhelming but we can help. We know this because we’ve been showing businesses how to hire an intern for years.

Through many hours of testing, experimentation, and hard work we’ve come up with a system that literally ANY organization (entrepreneur, small business, medium sized business, non-profit or government agency) can follow and implement to find interns.

The best place for you to get started is to attend one of our free webinar trainings below. There is no cost to attend, just register for the webinar that fits your business. Then you’ll know how to hire an intern that works for your business. Check out the choices of different webinars below to help you get started creating an internship program that’s right for you today.


Find, Hire & Manage Interns To Grow Your Organization

Never hired an intern before, but ready to start your own internship program?

This free webinar will show you how to get your very own internship program up and running
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The Top 3 Interns Every Organization Must Have

Already have an internship program? On this free webinar, discover the top 3 internships that every business or organization must offer to grow and remain competitive & relevant in today’s economy!

Learn how to get these interns working for your organization tomorrow!

How To Legally Hire Unpaid Interns

Hiring unpaid interns, or plan to hire unpaid interns?

Join us on this very special webinar with one of America’s TOP labor attorneys, as we discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts” of unpaid internships. Make sure you have all of the facts & legal documents before offering an unpaid internship