Intern Profits Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

We were recently contacted by Entrepreneur Magazine to help them with an article on how entrepreneurs can  effectively and efficiently find, hire and manage interns.  After three plus years of advocating for entrepreneurs hiring interns it’s refreshing and rewarding to see this piece be published.

You can read the article here:

Over the course of the past few months we provided Entrepreneur Magazine research that we had conducted on intern programs, how to set-up an internship program effectively and entrepreneurs using interns; as well, we put them in touch with several members of our Intern Profits community and gave them full access to our Intern Profits System.

The article on “5 Ways to Find, Train and Oversee the Ideal Intern” provides important information on how to find, hire and manage the best interns for an entrepreneurial company and features not only our President and Co-Founder, Dreama Lee, but also some of our Intern Profits community members who have used interns to grow their business while providing educational opportunities for our future workforce.


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