Why Every Business Owner Needs a Blog

Have you ever thought about how important a blog is to your business?  You may already set up a blog and written a blog post or two but have you every thought about how important blogging is?

Let’s pause for a moment and think about how you find information you seek these days.  Perhaps you are looking for a new restaurant to try, the latest technology, a solution to an electronic/tech problem, a new service provider or new product to buy.  Chances are you’ve fired up your computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone, etc. and started your search.

And what did you find?  Chances are a blog or blog like forum with a host of answers or options to your question.  Today, businesses who dominate their market have blogs that speak to their audience on a consistent basis providing up to date information that is exciting to their customer or potential customer.

Today society no longer relies on the media alone to provide them information.  People want the most cutting edge information from the best experts in a specific field.  And chances are, those answers are coming from blogs.

Business owners who are growing their business, and maintaining their current customer base, are increasingly using blogs to engage current and future clients.  People now want information “now” that is the latest, hottest and most up to date.  They can’t wait for the media to digest the information and then report back to them.  This is why we are increasingly seeing blogs become “the source” of information for the masses.

So what does this mean to you the business owner?  Well, no matter what business you are in, be it a restauranteur, consultant (management, technology, etc.), real estate, a small bricks-and-mortar business (think boutique, print shop, etc.), etc. – you need to have a blog to engage your current customers in order to maintain their business and generate new customers.

Blogging can be the most sustainable, low cost, high return investment you can make in your business.

However, as a business owner you likely find yourself constantly pulled in a million directions. Accounting, legal, marketing and of course sales.  Not to mention the day-to-day of running your business and most importantly taking care of your customers.

Like most business owners you unfortunately neglect the important things in your business like blogging.  By now, if you’ve been a member of our community for awhile, you have hired an intern to help you get this all done.  Hopefully you’ve utilized our Easy Intern Assignments to set-up your blog and have created systems to blog on a consistent basis.

If you haven’t, we’d encourage you to get started blogging today!

Like you, we often struggle to blog on a consistent basis – we are like the plumber with the leaky toilet at home – but we have put into place systems and processes to help us consistently blog while creating new customers and engaging our current customer basis.

Next week we are going to share with you a new system we’ve found that allows you to create and better manage your blogging to grow your business.

Don’t forget that having interns on board to help with all your blogging needs can free you up to do other things in your business.

Here’s a link to some of our most popular blog posts here at Intern Profits:


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