Virtual Intern Tasks vs. Virtual Assistant Tasks: Understanding Who Does What!

In our last blog post we talked about the three simple questions to ask yourself if you are trying to decide if you need to hire a virtual assistant or a virtual intern or a combination of both.

We want to break down the individual tasks and projects that would be most suited to each of these human resource solutions so you can have a better idea of how to better utilize these two resources.

Let’s first look at tasks and projects most suited for virtual assistants.  As we discussed in our previous blog post it is best to identify tasks and projects for virtual assistants that help you maintain your business on a day-to-day basis.  Most important is that many of these tasks require extensive training on software, systems and processes that would not be suited or efficient to have to re-train an intern on every few months.

Additionally, by the very definition of internships – your interns need to be learning transferable skills that will allow them to pursue their professional career by working for your company – administrative tasks, as listed below, do not allow for much of a learning opportunity for the intern.

Virtual Assistant tasks may include:

Virtual Assistant Tasks

  1. Customer support and customer service where the virtual assistant is responding to your customer needs on a quick turn around – generally within 24 hours because they have set hours and requirements to address your day-to-day customer service needs.
  2. Day-to-day database and customer relations’ management (CRM) maintenance so that your database and records are always the most up to date and someone who is working for your company on a daily basis understands how these important systems work.
  3. Bookkeeping, billing, collections, etc. as virtual assistants are more plugged into your day-to-day operations and can track and follow-up on these items on a daily/weekly basis.
  4. Arranging travel is better suited for a virtual assistant as he or she can become familiar with your preferences, accounts, etc. to make for a smooth travel experience.
  5. Managing personal and company calendars.
  6. Maintaining auto responders and customer lists.
  7. Providing transcription services.
  8. High-level executive assistant tasks.
  9. Telemarketing

Intern tasks should be both learning activities and projects and tasks that will allow you to grow your business.  They are those tasks that, once completed, will help you acquire new customers, improve your brand, increase your sales and revenue, cut costs and ultimately increase your profits.

Intern tasks and projects can include, and can almost all be accomplished with a virtual intern:

1.  Video Marketing – creating, editing and posting videos then sharing those videos to social media and sharing sites.

Virtual Intern Projects

2.  Press Release Marketing – writing, editing and posting press releases; media outreach; creating media lists/maintaining media lists; following Google Alerts to stay on top of industry and find new partnerships; monitoring media listserv requests like HARO and providing and maintain canned responses; as well as creating a media kit and press page on your company website.

3.   Social Media Marketing – creating, monitoring, updating, engaging your customers and increasing followers, members, connections or “likes” for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for you or your company.

4.  Website Analytics – monitoring the traffic to your website and what the visitors do while on your website.

5.  Research – book ideas, report ideas, blog posts, competition, article ideas, etc.

6.  Blogging – create, maintain and update your blog and comment on other blogs in your industry.

7.  New Product/Service development

8.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

9.  Writing and Copywriting

10.  Accounting – audits, creating new tracking systems, etc. – project based

11.  Advertising/Marketing -create ads, run ads, test ads, etc.

12.  Branding – create brand and plan for consistency throughout all materials, messaging, etc.

13.  New clients/customers – research new ideas for attaining new clients.

14.  Create new systems or processes and or audit current systems while also documenting systems or processes so others can implement in their day-to-day activities.

15.  Events – pre and post event preparation.

16.  General management assistance – researching new vendors, suppliers, etc.

17.  Implement home study courses or online training materials and resources.

18.  Create or edit presentations.

This list of tasks and projects should get you well on your way to hiring your first virtual intern and/or virtual assistant to hit the ground running helping you grow and maintain your business.

For more information on how to hire a virtual intern check out our white paper on virtual interns.

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