Do you need a Virtual Intern or a Virtual Assistant? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Your Needs.

Have you been wondering lately if in fact you might need a virtual assistant (or assistant) instead of a virtual intern (or intern)?  Or a combination of both?

Well, often times when we talk to business owners we discover that in addition to starting an internship program they also need to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant

We decided to come up with a list of three simple questions you can ask yourself to quickly decide if you need a virtual intern or a virtual assistant.  Many of you will determine you need both.

In addition, and as promised, we want to share some of our business strategies and practices that allow us to work anywhere, anytime, as we embark on our 4-month working sabbatical.  You guessed it; we have both virtual interns and virtual assistants that allow us to have a remote work environment and workforce because we have a multitude of tasks and projects that need to be completed but are better suited for either a virtual intern or virtual assistant requiring us to hire both.

Here’s our list of three questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you need a virtual assistant or a virtual intern.  The answers to these questions will also help you determine the tasks that are appropriate for an intern vs. an assistant as you begin to grow your company.

Q.1. What are my needs in my business that would require either an intern and/or assistant?

A.1.  If you answer with tasks like: customer support; customer service; data entry; scheduling; day-to-day database/CRM maintenance; bookkeeping; travel arrangements; managing company calendar; maintaining autoresponders/lists; or transcription services then you probably want to hire an assistant or virtual assistant.  These are more day-to-day tasks to “maintain” your business which are more suited for an assistant.

If you answer with tasks like:  video marketing; press release marketing; social media marketing; website analytics; research and writing; blogging; new product/service development; search engine optimization (SEO); and/or copywriting then you want to hire an intern or virtual intern.  These tasks are going to help you grow your business and are great tasks for an intern.

Q.2.  How many hours/days a week do you need help? 

A.2.  If you need someone more than 10-15 hours per week and more than 2-3 days per week that they MUST report to work then you probably need a virtual assistant.  If you don’t need the person to be available for more than 10-15 hours a week and they can work all of their hours in 1-3 days if needed, or if the work schedule is flexible, then you are probably want to hire an intern.

Q.3. Do you need regular ongoing help or just project based?

A.3.  If you have projects and tasks that are ongoing and daily repetitive that you’ll need help with for the foreseeable future then you should hire a virtual assistant.  Interns typically work for 3-6 months so projects that have a defined beginning and end are best suited for interns; or projects that could easily be transferred to a newly incoming intern.

At this point you have probably decided that you in fact need both a virtual intern and a virtual assistant.  In our next blog post we’ll further explain the types of tasks and projects that are best for a virtual intern or a virtual assistant.

For more information on how to hire a virtual intern check out our white paper on virtual interns.

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant check out our preferred vendor at Virtual Assistant Staffing.

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  2. Brenda Love says:

    I listened to the webinar today and would like to take advantage of the 40hrs for free.
    I am a realtor so my needs are in marketing.

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