Virtual Internship Pilot Program Announced with DePaul University

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with DePaul University on a virtual internship pilot program.

DePaul University‘s College of Communication recently announced that they are offering a virtual internship program as a way for their students to have more opportunities with small businesses and internet companies.  Intern Profits will be working with Graciela Kenig, Director of Internships at the College of Communication, to match the students enrolling in this upcoming program with business owners capable of bringing on virtual interns.

DePaul University is among a handful of colleges and universities to officially create a virtual internship program.  Intern Profits recently released a White Paper on Virtual Internships and is the authority on how to effectively create, run, prepare for and take a  virtual internship from the employer, school and interns’ points of views.

Small businesses and internet companies interested in being considered for this pilot program must meet the following criteria:

·         In business for at least one year
·        Complete a brief intern performance evaluation by week 8 (week of May 14th)
·        Be a full member of the Intern Profits Community

Interns will work 15 hours/week for a minimum of 10 weeks (may continue working by mutual agreement) beginning March 26.

DePaul’s College of Communication offers undergraduate degrees in the following areas and virtual internships in these areas will be considered:  Public Relations and Advertising, Journalism, Communication Studies, Media & Cinema Studies, Communication & Media and Relational Communication.  In addition to those fields, at the graduate level students may also major in Multicultural & Organizational Communication (which includes Training & Development) and Health Communication.

Classes provide them with a plethora of experiential learning opportunities and cutting-edge skills such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band and proficiency in the use of Social Media for PR, Marketing and Journalism purposes.

Typically, these are the types of duties interns have depending on their major

•          Journalism (writing articles, blogs, news; doing interviews, editing–across all platforms)
•          PR/Advertising (writing press releases, doing media outreach, researching media and creating databases, event planning, promotions, focus group work, etc.)
•          Communication Studies and Relational Communication (writing, public speaking, organizational work that involves lots of people-to-people interaction, communicating, etc.)
•          Media & Cinema Studies  (Writing, Broadcasting, Media Production, Media Criticism…)
•          Communication and Media (any combination of the above)

Any business owner wishing to be considered for this pilot project should email intern “at” for more details.

For more information you may download the Monday Open Q&A Call here where we further explained the opportunity.

To listen to the replay, click this link:

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One Response to Virtual Internship Pilot Program Announced with DePaul University

  1. Eric Woodard says:

    Congrats! Virtual internships = an unprecedented way for young professionals to gain access to real world experience. Anybody diving into virtual internships now is ahead of their time!

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