Virtual Internships Presentation and Open Q&A Replay

Today’s weekly Open Q&A included a preview presentation of our upcoming White Paper on virtual internships.

We discussed:
-What is a virtual internship
-Why virtual internships are important
-The pros and cons of virtual internships
-Which type of internships are most and least suited to be virtual
-How to make a virtual internship effective for all parties
-The steps schools can provide students to better prepare them for virtual internships
-How potential interns can best prepare for and take on a virtual internship

If you missed this important presentation you can see the replay here:

We will be releasing our White Paper on Virtual Internships on January 3, 2012 so be on the lookout for this very important industry White Paper.

We also covered Q&A from our community.

We wanted to remind you as well that we won’t be having our regular Monday calls on December 26 or January 2, but will resume on Monday, January 9.



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