Intern Profits Product Review Comes Out Of Discussion On Social Media Interns

About 3 weeks ago we read a “guest post” on a blog about social media interns, and whether or not a business should hire a social media intern.  Although the post was well written, we disagreed with a lot of what the author, Nick Stamoulis, wrote.

So much so in fact that it inspired us to write our own “guest post” on the same blog talking about how a business owner can effectively hire an intern to help them with their social media.

Because both blog posts had different views, and educated debate arose out of the two posts, the owner of the blog, actually wrote a summary article, and also a review of the Intern Profits product line.

Check out what had to say about Intern Profits after reviewing our members area.

Finally, in our humble opinion, every business owner should hire a social media intern.  You just have to be selective about what tasks and projects you assign them!

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