Intern Profits and Super Interns Coaching Program and Webinar Replay

We had an amazing call last night with our new partners and team members, Super Interns who outlined some of the barriers to starting your own internship program and how to overcome those barriers.

On the webinar we discussed the things that get in the way of getting interns and an internship program up and running and how you can finally overcome them.

Some of the barriers to getting interns that we covered included:

-Many people would like to get interns, but haven’t taken the steps.

-Many don’t know where to start.

-Many don’t have the time to recruit or get their interns set up

-Many don’t have resources to advertise their internships or pay their interns

-Many have had interns before, but don’t now — they “fell off the intern wagon”

-Many people think it’s harder than it really is, so they stop before they start

-Many people want interns but are actually afraid of getting them – worried about failing

We broke through these common barriers, so that you can get your interns once and for all.

We also revealed our new partnered coaching program.  This is an exciting 4 week coaching program with group and one-on-one sessions to help you “Get an Intern Now.”  Through this 4 week program you will find an intern and launch your internship program before the new year.

To learn more about the new coaching program for all our Intern Profits community please visit:

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the replay here:

Don’t miss out on getting your next intern or group of interns!

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