Super Interns Webinar Replay

In an ever increasing effort to provide our customers with as much information they need to find and hire interns, we recently hosted a webinar with the Dynamic Duo of Super Interns, Michelle Demers and Julie Braun.  They shared their “10 Top Tips for Fall Intern Recruitment.”  However, these tips are truly timeless and can be used any time of year.

Because this webinar was so popular we are providing a replay of the webinar here.  All you have to do is click on the video player below to watch the webinar.

Michelle and Julie have over 20 years experience in recruiting and managing well over 1,000 interns, so they have tried, tested, and refined their methods into the fastest and most effective strategies.  In the webinar, they shared their secrets and short-cuts to:

–Streamlining every aspect of your recruitment process to shave hours, days, even WEEKS off the process
–Recruiting once for the whole year, instead of every semester
–Keeping your interns longer, so you need to recruit fewer interns, less often
–Getting your past and present interns to recruit their own replacements
–Setting up your recruitment process on auto pilot, where others do the work for you
–And much more…

The biggest take-away from the webinar is that when you set up your recruitment process the right way, the tables turn.  Instead of spending tons of time hunting and fishing for interns, interns will be drawn to you like a magnet and line outside your door (even for unpaid internships).   This is possible, for anyone, in any size business – whether you are a home-based solo-professional or a HR Manager for a Fortune 500 company.

So, whether you want just one, or a ton, of interns, make sure to view this webinar.  These short sixty minutes will save you significant money, time, and energy in getting your internship program off the ground, or taking it to the next level.


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