Live Q&A Webinar With Intern Profits

This Thursday, September 15th Intern Profits owners and founders Justin & Dreama Lee are hosting a special, LIVE Q&A webinar.  The webinar will begin promptly at
3pm PST/4pm MST/5pm CST/6pm EST.  There is no cost to attend this webinar, but you must register here first:

On this webinar Justin & Dreama will be answering any & all questions that you have related to finding, hiring & managing interns to grow your business.

-Do you have questions about starting your own internship program? (we want to answer them for you!)
-Are you unsure where to even start?  (We can show you how to get started in less than 10 minutes)
-Are you struggling with what tasks to put your intern on? (we’ll give you some ideas and examples of “what’s working now” & what interns are REALLY excited about working on)
-Do you have concerns about whether or not to offer an unpaid internship?  (We’ll explain why it’s more than fair for you, the business owner, to offer an unpaid internship)
-Have you been running an internship program but need more input on how to make your program more successful?  (we continue to make improvements to our own programs, and can help you improve yours)

Even if you’re question isn’t listed above, make sure you attend on Thursday, because we are going to answer all your questions LIVE!

Register now for this special live webinar:

We’ll “see” you on the LIVE webinar training this Thursday, September 15th at 3pm PST/4pm MST/5pm CST/6pm EST!

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