Intern Profits Partners with ASBDC to Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business Through Internship Programs

San Diego, CA, August 1, 2011 — Today, Intern Profits announced a partnership with America’s Small Business Development Center Network (ASBDC) to help entrepreneurs and small businesses start their own internship program.  Intern Profits shows business owners how to properly set up internship programs, which will not only assist them in starting or growing their business but also allow them to give back to the communities they live in by mentoring young adults through internships.

By partnering with the ASBDC, Intern Profits will be providing educational resources, tools and services to Small Business Development Centers across the country so that they may better educate their clients and communities about the importance of having interns and how to set-up and run an effective internship program.  Internships programs, when set-up correctly, provide opportunities for businesses to “test drive” potential employees and also bring new and fresh ideas to their business.

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