How To Hire A New Intern In Only 9 Days (Case Study Update)

Last week we wrote a blog post detailing how we were hiring a new intern for our real estate investing company. Not only do we own but we also own a company that buys and sells real estate (usually foreclosures).

This company is expanding into a new market (Phoenix, AZ) and we wanted to hire an intern to help us get up and running.  To find a new intern the whole process only took 9 days from start to finish!

We detailed the entire search on our real estate investing blog, and yesterday I posted the following video update showing how we just hired our first intern.  You can watch the video documenting the process here:

Can you imagine being able to hire a new intern in only 9 days?  Watch the video above to see exactly how we did it, the tools we used, and how easy it was to do.  If you want to duplicate the exact system we used to find this intern, just click here.

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