Case Study: How To Quickly Hire Interns & Help Expand Your Business

As many of you are probably aware, we (Justin & Dreama Lee, the owners & founders of also own a real estate investing company.

Being based in San Diego, we do most of our investing here, but things have been going well lately so we’ve decided to expand our business to a new market (Phoenix, Arizona).  Last week Justin was in Phoenix to evaluate the market and see what opportunities were there.

We’ve decided that it’s a great spot to expand our real estate investing business, so naturally, one of the first things that we decided we were going to do was hire some local interns to help us.  Although Phoenix is only a 5 hour drive from San Diego, we definitely needed some local feet and eyes on the ground, and hiring interns was going to be the best, fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish this.

So earlier in the week, on our real estate investing blog, Justin wrote a post about a simple 10 step plan that any real estate investor could follow to quickly and easily find and hire an intern for their real estate investing business.  He wrote and published that post on August 10th.

Justin was also “practicing what he was preaching” and had contacted Arizona State (the biggest school in the Phoenix area) the day before he published the post, on August 9th.

Well by August 11th, less than 48 hours after he had contacted Arizona State about whether they could even help him find an intern, he already had his first resume in his email inbox: a bilingual (a huge plus since there’s a lot of Hispanic people in Phoenix) 3.89 GPA student who was looking for an unpaid internship.

Justin actually wrote a follow up post on the real estate investing blog documenting all of the correspondence with Arizona State and how he found the recruiting coordinator contact there.

In fact it was so easy to do, that within that 2nd post, Justin even posted a short screen capture video showing everyone exactly how he did it, how quickly he did it, and just how easy it was to do:

The reason it was so simple and easy to do isn’t because we’ve been hiring interns for years now…it was simple and easy to do because we followed a system.

That system is our Intern Profits™ System, and we’ve just released an updated, super affordable version of it.

If you’re serious about growing your business, then getting smart, motivated people who want to help you grow & intern with your company (in exchange for a great opportunity to learn from you and work with your company), is the best way to go.

Check out the 2 blog posts on our real estate investing blog, and make sure you watch the video in the 2nd post, detailing just how simple and easy hiring your next intern can be.

Once you’ve done that, take a good look at what we’ve done with our Intern Profits™ System, and how we’ve made it more affordable than ever before to get started and hire an intern to help you grow your business.

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