Case Study: How Interns Help This Real Estate Investor Buy 3-4 Foreclosures Each Month

Last night we had the opportunity to interview a very successful real estate investor based out of Miami, FL by the name of Alex Pardo.

Alex “flips” (meaning he buys & then resells them quickly) 3-4 bank owned foreclosure foreclosure properties each.  But the best part of his business is how interns are helping him “flip” these properties and grow his business.

Listen in on this interview as Alex tells all about how he finds, hires and manages his interns, and how they have helped him grow his business, systematize it, and enable him to work less, while still making more money:

Enjoy the case study interview, and feel free to download it and take notes.  In case you want to visit the original page and see the “Big Button” that we reference at the end of the interview, you can do so by clicking here.

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