We Want To Answer Your Questions About Interns & Starting Your Own Internship Program

Over the past couple of days we’ve posted some mind boggling statistics about YouTube, and more great information about video marketing.  Specifically, we shared some tips and techniques that you can use when posting videos to YouTube to get more views, more traffic to your website, and ultimately how you can use video to further grow your business.

The tips that we shared about how to get better results from your online videos (in terms of more views, or more free traffic to your website) were originally posted by us in a discussion on a Linkedin group.

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time on Linkedin, using it:

  • As a great source of information
  • To expand our network of like-minded business owners
  • To share our knowledge with others
  • To grow our business
  • To (further) establish ourselves as authorities in the marketplace

Now we want to return the favor to you!  We started a Linkedin group, and we’d like you to become a member.  You can join our group here.

The name of our group is:

How To Build An Internship Program For Your Company.

We want to use this group as a way for you to be able to ask us questions about finding, hiring and managing interns.

We’ve noticed lately on Linkedin that many groups are active, and share a ton of great resources and opinions.  The information is all free, and now we would like to answer your questions about all things interns and internships…and do it on our group page.

Just join the group, then click on the “discussions” tab, and go ahead and ask us a question.  All of the comments and answers are available for everyone in the group to see, so it’s a great way for us to share our expertise and for everyone to learn from it.

If you still haven’t hired your first intern, you’re struggling with what they would do, you need help speaking to colleges and universities, or how to find or hire interns, go ahead and start a discussion.  We’re happy to answer these type of questions, or anything else.

After spending quite a bit of time on Linkedin lately, here are some great tips that I’ve noticed when starting or participating in a discussion on the “groups” section of the site:

  1. Ask great questions
  2. If commenting, provide helpful, useful information
  3. Don’t write comments like “I agree with Joe” or “check out my website” (instead genuinely try to provide helpful, valuable information)
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask a question!  There are no bad questions
  5. Get involved!  The more you participate, the more likely you are to learn more, and grow your business (I know we have)

So, please join our group, and start a discussion.  We can’t wait to further connect with you on Linkedin.

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