Spend An Entire Day With Us In Our Offices

Watch the video below and you’ll get a good laugh!  Do you want to spend an entire day with us in our offices working on your business?  This is a unique opportunity to get an entire day dedicated to your business, in our offices:

This entire day will be dedicated to you and your business.  We’ll start early and finish late, and work on anything that you need help with in your business.  This can include, but is not limited to:

- Growing your business
- Taking your business online and selling products & services over the Internet
- Improving your online business or “Internet Marketing”
- Working with or gaining the support of your spouse/significant other in your business
- Real Estate investing
- Developing an internship program so you have a ton of people helping you grow your business
- Developing a healthy balance between life & family
- Getting healthy (Justin has lost 30 lbs in the past year, and you can too!)
- Building your own “outsourced team” so you get more done and your business grows
- ANYTHING else business or personal related that you need help with.

The best part about the “Spend A Day” with us program is that you get to create the agenda and outline.

But at a minimum, when you spend an entire day with the both of us, you’ll discover:

- How we run our businesses behind the scenes with the help of our
team of contractors, property managers, realtors, VA’s, bookkeepers,
accoutants and interns.  We work on our business, not in it.

- How to be more efficient and effective
- How to turn off the negative chatter
- How to properly balance work and life
- How to enjoy your free time (and get more of it)
- The best ways to get the support of your spouse or significant other (we will share some of our tips and techniques for maintaining a happy and strong marriage while being successful in business)
- How to separate the pebbles from the stones (which decisions are worth
debating and which ones just need to be made so you can move on to the
next task)

- How to streamline your processes and procedures to get more done with less resources

We’ve faced or face many of the same problems as a small business owner that you do.

But we’ll show you how we work together and how you can too to overcome these challenges.

Interested?  You should be…

So here’s the scoop…

- The day with us will NOT be cheap, but you WILL get your money’s worth.  We’ll start early & we’ll go as long as you need us to during your day…

- You will need to travel to us (in San Diego, CA or Vancouver, BC if you want to kick this off in the next week or two-more on this below)

- You’ll get COMPLETE access to all of our products & services (these will be sent to you in advance)

- You can bring a business partner or spouse

- You’ll get 3 follow up consulting sessions, 30, 60 and 90 days after your day.  These are to ensure that you’re following on the action plan that we give you.

If this sounds remotely interesting to you, here’s what you need to do next:

Send an email to spendaday [AT] internprofits [DOT] com with the subject line of “SPEND A DAY WITH JUSTIN & DREAMA” and answer the following questions:

1.    Your Name and business name:
2.    Best number to reach you on:
3.    Business website URL(s) (list all of them)
4.    What type of business do you own?
5.    How much success are you having with your business right now?
(In terms of income and revenue)
6.    The top 3 things that you would want us to help you with in your business
7.    Have you ever had any business or personal consulting or coaching before
(If so, how was your experience?)
8.    Do you have a spouse or business partner that you would like to bring with you?  If so, what is his or her name and role in the business.
9.    Approximate dates that you would like to come to San Diego, CA (or we can do your day in Vancouver sometime between now and June 19 if Vancouver is a better option for you)
10.    Are looking for any consulting outside of “business”?  (for example, with your health, your family or partner)

That’s it.  10 simple questions.

Send your answers to those 10 questions via email to spendaday [AT] internprofits [DOT] com (subject line of “SPEND A DAY WITH JUSTIN & DREAMA”) and we will review each email personally.

If you make it past the first step, we’ll send you more details (including pricing) if we feel like you’re a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for you.


We only have enough time allocated to do this for 3 people.

If this is something that you’re serious about, we would suggest answering the 10 questions and emailing your answers to spendaday [AT] internprofits [DOT] com as soon as possible.

If you have questions about the program, PLEASE answer the 10 questions first, and then add your list of questions at the bottom.

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2 Responses to Spend An Entire Day With Us In Our Offices

  1. samuel nixon jr says:

    Looking to spend a day with you to help “jump start” my business development process and learn key aspects of growing the business well!

  2. justin_lee says:

    Hi Samuel,

    We don’t yet have your answers to the 10 questions, so please send them in ASAP. Thanks!

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