Our Blogging/PR Intern Lands Us An Interview (And Quotes) On Fortune.com

A few weeks ago our Blogging/PR intern Cassie landed us an interview on Fortune.com. The article was published today, and we thought that you would enjoy reading it.

While the article isn’t about having interns in your business (it’s actually about working with your spouse), it’s still outstanding exposure and credibility for our company (and yes, they do reference “InternProfits.com” in the article).

Do you have interns working with you, getting you interviews and quotes with local and national media like Fortune.com?  If not, why not?  How would you like the exposure?   Or better yet, how would you like to put something on your website or your marketing materials that says “As Featured In Fortune.com”?  Do you think that would provide extra credibility, generate more customers, and improve the growth and profitability of your business?   Of course it would…

If you’d like to get your own Blogging & PR intern, the quickest, fastest and easiest way is to pick up a copy of our “Blogging & Press Release Intern Quick Start Kit”.  For only $149 you’ll be on your way to landing your next intern, who can get you interviews with national and local media, manage your blog, get you guest spots on other blogs, write press releases, contact the media to interview you (and establish yourself as the expert) plus a host of other things (all inside the “Blogging & Press Release Intern Quick Start Kit”)

Don’t let one of your competitors beat you to the punch, get started now and go get your first (or next) Blogging & PR intern by claiming your copy of our “Blogging & Press Release Intern Quick Start Kit”.

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2 Responses to Our Blogging/PR Intern Lands Us An Interview (And Quotes) On Fortune.com

  1. David Social says:

    This is quite a feat to be featured on Fortune.com. There is no doubt that give you some great credibility. Now, I just need to get some interns of my own. Is there a limit to how many we can have?

  2. justin_lee says:

    Thanks for the compliment David. Actually there is no limit on the number of interns you can have. It’s as many as you can successfully manage.

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