More International Student Interns Added to Our Membership Site

As many of you know, we partnered with Intern Scout several months ago to help business owners find international interns.  Intern Scout brings students from all over the world to the United States for internships.  Many of the students come for over six months and some stay for as long as eighteen months!  And a large portion of the interns only need a small monthly stipend and some are even willing to take an unpaid internship.

Imagine hiring an international intern to come work for your company bringing new and fresh ideas from abroad.  An intern that could work for as long as eighteen months in your company to really get all those projects up and running and even completed! Or an intern to help you with your international expansion or translations into other languages.  And don’t forget these students are college educated and excited to get more on the job training in a new country.  These students are highly motivated!

We have just added new interns to our membership site from Intern Scout.  If you haven’t signed up for a membership and would like to access our database of interns ready to join your company for “FREE” simply go to: and sign-up for a free membership.  All our available interns from Intern Scout can be found within our site under the “Available Interns” link.


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2 Responses to More International Student Interns Added to Our Membership Site

  1. Ok, I have a free membership, but do I have to pay to access the available interns list?

  2. Dreama Lee says:

    You can access the available interns on the left hand navigation under the link titled “Available Interns,” this is available to all our free members.

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