Is Social Media A Loaded Gun?

According to this article I recently read on CNBC, social media is a “loaded gun”.  Harsh statement?  Maybe, but read the entire article and form your own opinion.

I found two parts of the article particularly interesting.  The first is that article definitely believes that your business simply *MUST* be using social media, and I completely agree.  Check out these quotes from the article:

“In fact, you’re making a big mistake if you’re NOT using social media. Twitter says it has about 200 million registered users and Facebook claims 600 million active users — you can’t ignore perhaps nearly a billion potential customers.”

The article then goes on to say that social media is “…a great way to interact with your most loyal fans and even reward them with things like free content and deals.”

The reasons above are a just a few of the (many) reasons that we hosted a social media training webinar this past week.  In fact, you can still (for a limited time) watch the replay of the social media training on this webpage.

The other incredible part of the article is about who they suggest should manage your social media- here’s another quote from the article:

“Your best “experts” when it comes to social media are your interns and junior employees.”

As we’ve been telling you for some time now, if you haven’t already hired a social media intern, you’re really missing the boat.  In fact, we’ve made it very simple for ANY business owner to hire their first intern, a social media intern, with our “Social Media Intern Quick Start Kit”.

We’d encourage you to think about your social media strategy for your business, and ask yourself if you’re really doing “enough” on social media.  Between Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin, there’s a lot to do; which is exactly why we’re huge advocates of hiring a social media intern to help you with everything.

If you haven’t already done so, go out and hire a social media intern.  You’ll be amazed (and happy) at the results that you’ll see!

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One Response to Is Social Media A Loaded Gun?

  1. Great summary of the article. There’s such a difference between companies starting social media (0mph) and companies CRANKING social media (100mph), that it only makes sense to me that one would use interns as a starting point (30mph).

    Furthermore, as you train and develop those people, 30mph interns become 50, 70, 90mph+ contributors (even more quickly when you have the right system). …I notice that your guy’s social media strategy is solid. And I can guarantee that YOU aren’t doing it all yourself! Haha.

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