How To Get An Intern To Help You With Your Blogging & PR Efforts

Over the past few days we’ve posted about how you can start getting more free traffic to your website, and also about how you can set up your own WordPress blog for only 1 penny.

These are both important business building tasks that you need to be focused on: blogging and getting more (free) traffic to your website.  Unfortunately, for many business owners, it’s something that they’re often “just too busy” to do.

If that’s the case, what’s the solution to the problem?

We would tell you to immediately go out and hire a blogging and PR intern.  By hiring this intern, they could:

  • Set up your WordPress blog for only 1 penny (on your behalf)
  • Start commenting on our blog and other blogs that have the “Top Commentators” plugin (to start driving more free traffic back to your site)
  • Help create content for your website and blog
  • Find other related blogs and writers in your niche for you to do interviews for, write articles for, or contribute content to
  • Write press releases for you
  • Contact other bloggers and media for interview opportunities for you
  • Plus much, much more

Those are just a few of the many things that a blogging and PR intern can do for you.  In fact, just yesterday, one of the guest blog appearances that our PR intern Cassie just landed for us was posted. 

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2 Responses to How To Get An Intern To Help You With Your Blogging & PR Efforts

  1. Mike Monroe says:

    Great post, Great content, AS ALWAYS!

    I love how you have ALL your interns writing regularly. How would you make sure that –out of all your interns– your getting your strongest content writer in front of the computer the most? In other words, how do you make sure you’re matching up strengths with tasks?

    I was thinking a brief “test” on my intern application:

    “Pick your favorite hobby. Now pretend I knew nothing about that hobby. Please write 2 paragraphs educating and teaching my about one facet of that hobby.”

    Baseball. How to field a ground ball.
    Halo. They 2 keys to beating any of your friends.
    Your Significant Other. What NOT to buy a woman/man on Valentines Day.


  2. justin_lee says:

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t really worry about getting our “strongest” writer in front of the computer the most. Remember that when creating content for the web, although it must be well written, it must be easy to read. In other words, I’m not looking for William Shakespeare, but someone who can write with complete sentences and proper grammar.

    Just get them to write, and review and edit before posting. Don’t over think it!


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