8 New Interns Added To The Free Section Of Our Membership Site

We just added another 8 interns to the free part of our members area.

Just login to the membership site and on the left hand side of the page, click on “Available Interns”.

You can login to the members area here:


If you don’t have a membership, you can create one for free, and then login and see all of the interns looking for a position with a company just like yours:


After you login you’ll see the profiles of the interns. Just follow the instructions on the page for how to set up an interview.

Remember that there are lots of other free resources in members area, so go check it out!

In the meantime, here’s a small SAMPLE of some of the people looking for internships:

Isabel B.

Isabel studies International Business in Germany. She already gained international experiences during an 8-month Work & Travel Exchange to Australia. Also, Isabel worked with a recruiting and consulting company and therefore is familiar with recruiting processes for national and international applicants for the German market. Isabel’s majors are Finance and Taxation. She is flexible about possible internship activities and is open for business management, marketing, finance, HR and more.

Job Categories: Marketing
Regions: San Francisco Bay Area/ Hayward, CA
Beginning: September 2011

Duration: 6 months
Monthly stipend required: no

Vera Z.

Vera studies Business Administration with her majors in Finance and Business Law. She is very interested in the financial industry and would like to come to New York City for four months to gain an international perspective and practical experiences. Vera is very open about internship activities and would be happy with Marketing, Finance or Management.

Job Categories: Marketing, Finance, Management
Regions: New York City

Beginning: August 2011

Duration: 4 months
Monthly stipend required: no

Manuel S.

Manuel has a practical background as Computer Scientist. Among others, he worked as a Project Administrator in Switzerland and organized and scheduled all activities involved for various projects. Furthermore, he worked as Systems Administrator and Information Manager. Manuel is now looking for an opportunity to apply his skills in an international setting. He is interested in IT, programming and project management.

Job Categories: IT, Web programming
Regions: Coastal regions

Beginning: August 2011

Duration: 12 months
Monthly stipend required: Yes ($800-$1,000)

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