The Top 5 Ways To Train Your Intern On A Specific Task

So you’ve hired your latest intern…congratulations!  Now how do you train them on completing the specific tasks and projects that they’re going to be working on?

It’s a great question, and we wanted to give you some ideas for what has worked for us in the past, especially considering that we’re headed right into “Summer Intern” season.  Here are some of the tops ways that you can get your intern up to speed on your business, quickly and easily:

1.  “Kick Start Session”- we use this with every single new intern that joins our team.  We basically do a live phone session where we give them an overview of our business, or a “big picture” of how we generate customers, how we make money, and what the overall goal of the business is.  We usually do these via phone (or in person if it’s not a virtual intern) and have the new intern take plenty of notes.

2.  Video Training- If the intern is going to be doing a lot of computer work, many times the easiest way to get them up to speed is to record yourself completing the tasks or some of the tasks so that the intern can literally “watch over your shoulder.”  The tool that we use to record our computer screen is Camtasia.

3.  Written Instructions- If you prefer to write, or if you already have written instructions for the task at hand, this is also a great way to show the intern how to complete the specific tasks or project.

4.  Audio Instructions- Sometimes people find it easier to dictate the task, record the audio, and then send an MP3 file to their intern and have them consume the training in this manner.  If you’re going to use this strategy we highly recommend that it accompanies some sort of written documentation, as websites and instructions by audio can sometime require spelling, website checks, etc.

5.  Checklists- This is a big one for us.  When we assign a project or a task to an intern we like to give them a checklist along with it.  This ensures that nothing gets omitted, and that all parts of the project are completed to your satisfaction.

No matter what method(s) you use to deliver instructions to your intern, it’s important to note that different people (ie interns) consume information in different ways.  Some love to read, some want to listen, some want to watch, and some like a combination of all learning modalities.

Tomorrow we’ll have another blog post revealing to you a simple and concise way to deliver training to your intern that everyone (business owners and interns alike) can benefit from.

In the meantime feel free to leave a comment, especially if you have a training method for delivering information that you feel we forgot about.  We have some great ideas in this post, but we also know that our readers have lots of great ideas as well.  We appreciate your input to this post.

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