It’s Still Not Too Late To Hire Your (Summer) Intern

If you still haven’t hired your intern yet, what are you waiting for?

A few business owners I’ve chatted with recently have told me that they thought that “interns were only interested in getting “Summer Internships” at this time of year”; and because of that, and the fact that it’s already the end of April, they’ve missed the boat for hiring a summer intern.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and here’s why:

First, interns aren’t limited to *just* the summer. They are looking for opportunities all year long.  It just so happens that summer is the busiest season, but it’s certainly not the only season.

Second, many prospective interns looking for a “summer internship” still haven’t found one that meets their fancy.  This is where you, the business owner, come into play: you need to create an internship that is fun, challenging, and exciting.

So what would that internship look like?  Check back for our next blog post, and we’ll share with you 3 different internships that ANY business owner can launch, no matter WHAT kind of business they own.

Until then, your comments are always appreciated and answered!

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