Guest Blog Post By One Of Our Partners, Intern Scout

We’ve received great feedback from all of the people who have already contacted us and starting interviewing the interns that we have inside of our membership site!  The interns are all coming from one of our partners, Intern Scout.

(If you are unaware that we provide a free listing of interns looking for positions with a company *JUST* like yours, please sign up for a free membership and then click on the “Available Interns” link on the top left hand side of the page inside the members area).

In the meantime, here’s a guest blog post from Kati Streuber, the program co-ordinator at Intern Scout:

InternScout – connecting talents with companies.

InternScout has been on the market since 1997. Having started off in Germany as an online platform for internships and entry-level positions in Germany, we soon realized that young students and graduates are constantly expanding their minds and are looking for opportunities on the other side of the German and even European borders. Combined with our interest in foreign markets and businesses, the idea of one of our main services was born: the US internship program.

Such an international exchange program brings great opportunities for companies and interns, yet it also requires some obstacles to overcome: How do I find the right intern, someone who is qualified, motivated and whom I can trust? Where do I get resumes from, how do I hold interviews politically correct? Do I have to ignore resumes that have a picture and mention the applicant’s nationality and date of birth? Which regulations do I need to follow to legally get the intern on board? How does the visa application work? Do I have any costs for hosting a foreign intern and what are my responsibilities as a host companies?

Quite a lot of questions for simply hosting an intern, isn’t it? Many business owners are stunned when facing these burdens and simply turn around to pick a local or no intern at all. But these businesses are missing out on great opportunities! You could not bring an international person into your organization more easily than hosting a foreign intern. Learn new aspects and opinions, educate yourself and your team do be open to foreign cultures and backgrounds, and even generate the chance to expand your business to the intern’s home country. Who else could help you more in a market expansion than someone who actually is a native of the country you want to expand to? It is worth reconsidering your back-out from such a great exchange program.

Let us take a recent example for one company which we helped finding interns for many years. It is a small company in New York in the market of renewable energy systems and small wind energy. What would be better for such a company than hosting an engineering intern from Germany, one of the leading countries for green energy? After we provided them with the application, they had a phone interview with the students to check on his background and skills. Also the student was excited to speak to such an energetic company. They agreed on an internship and prepared a contract through our help. Also, us and our visa partners guided this company through the visa process and made it very easy for them to complete the necessary forms.

The intern just started a few weeks back and is now fully involved in designing new energy systems. He could have not shared his knowledge, skills and abilities without being an intern at this company. A clear win-win situation and you can be part of it! After all, hosting a foreign intern is not hard at all. See the benefits and decide whether this is the right path for you to choose. Intern Profits and InternScout will help you to make this adventure to being a success story.

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3 Responses to Guest Blog Post By One Of Our Partners, Intern Scout

  1. Hello, I recently got the eBook and I am feeling a little lost in the process of where to find quality marketing and SEO students/graduates that are willing to intern with a small business and not a large corporate/household name company… any suggestions?

  2. justin_lee says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the comment. My best advice to you is to get on the webinar that we’re holding Thursday night, May 5th at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

    You can register for it here:

    We’re going to be discussing this SPECIFICALLY, and we’ll also open up the lines for live Q&A at the end, so if you still have questions you can ask them then.

    We look forward to chatting with you tomorrow night!


  3. Dreama Lee says:

    There are a ton students out there looking for internships with companies outside of the “big names”/corporate America. In fact, a lot of students realize that working directly with a small company will provide them way more on the job training up close to decision makers within a company vs. in a big company where the intern is often managed by a low level employee and put on low level tasks. Don’t feel intimidated! Write your first job description. Contact a local college or university (though it doesn’t have to be local…you can have a virtual intern from anywhere in the world really) and submit your job description. We have a database of over 390 schools with all the contact information for the career services center. You can also submit your job description to the over 25 internship specific sites on the internet. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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