Charlie Sheen Is Doing “This”… You Should Too!

Everyone knows who Charlie Sheen is, correct?  How could you not?  It’s impossible to open a newspaper or magazine, log-on line to just about any news site or turn on your TV to almost any channel and NOT hear about Charlie Sheen these days.

Well this week he even shocked us!  Charlie Sheen posted a job for a social media internship on his newly created Twitter account and within 48 hours he got over 74,000 applicants.

Now Charlie Sheen has a power to attract the masses that we probably don’t have.

But he also has a booze, drug and prostitute filled life that repulses a LOT of people.

The point isn’t whether or not you’re a Charlie Sheen fan. . . the point is that if a raving lunatic like Charlie Sheen can see the power of interns, and get that many people to apply for his social media internship, then you need to take a SERIOUS look at interns, internships, and setting up your business to include them.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how much Mr. Sheen really knows about Social Media.  He did get over 2.5 million (and counting) followers in less than a week of setting up his account – but was that because of his knowledge of how Twitter really works?  Not likely (and probably why he needs an intern in the first place).  He got all those followers because he’s the media’s “it boy” right now.  Who doesn’t want to watch that train wreck?

The good news for you is that even if you’re like Charlie Sheen and don’t know anything  about social media you can check out our Intern Profits System™ and we’ll not only show you how to get an army of interns working for you, on anything from social media to the specifics of your business, but we’ll also show you turnkey tasks you can give an intern (like social media) that are ready to go right out of the box.

We help businesses find, hire and manage interns to grow their business.

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