Facebook and Interns….

Justin and I finally got a chance to watch The Social Network.  Given our profession it was a much overdue film to see.

I found the movie to be incredibly interesting from many perspectives.  And from the sounds of “Award Season” many other agree.

First and foremost my impression of Mark Zuckerberg from the movie is that he is an incredible businessman with keen instincts and drive.  The story was very interesting to watch as it unraveled.  (Though I doubt that Facebook was founded on the scorned heart of Zuckerberg alone…but it did make for a good movie).  Did they portray Zuckerberg in a good light?  Not sure.  I’d say personality wise, the jury is out but we did catch him on 60 Minutes and I think that the movie did a decent job.

Second, I can’t believe that that our legal system allowed the Winkelvoss’s to get away with extorting $65 million from Facebook.  Come on guys.  You had a social networking (or dating site) idea.  MySpace and many dating sites were already out there when you came up with your idea.  Zuckerberg put all of these sites together into one site and then shot it full of steroids!  Not even close to your idea.

But third and most importantly is how much interns played a part in the founding of the company.  Once Zuckerberg got the site up and running he went out and gathered as many interns as he could find to help build the site to what it is today.  He was smart enough to know to surround himself with talented, educated and creative students to build his site, while on a shoe string budget – $19,000 to be exact, much of which was to go for all the servers they needed to keep the site up.  Where else could he get the quality work and drive that he was going to get from interns?

Facebook still uses interns to grow their business.  And from the looks of their recruiting pages they are giving their interns some pretty amazing internships.

Now imagine your own business?  What could you do if you had a few bright, hardworking interns working on your company?  Your unfinished projects?  Your “napkin ideas?”

Today I actually hired my first intern to help me write a book I’ve been wanting to write for a long time.  I knew that if I hired a bright, hardworking and creative intern I’d get the motivation and help I need to put pen to paper.  I’m not creating “the Facebook“  but I am creating a completely new project based on an idea I have.

You too might just be the next Facebook.  Go out and hire yourself and intern!

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