Great Article On Efficient Hiring Of Interns

As part of our efforts to help entrepreneurs find, hire and manage interns we try to keep up on the latest news, articles and information released regarding internship programs.

I ran across this blog post today and thought it was a great one to share with our growing community.

The article, Internships: Resources for More Efficient Hiring talks about how hiring an intern can really help your business and ultimately improve your bottom line.  The article was written by  TeamBiz.  TeamBiz is an on-line community of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you have a business or consider starting one, TeamBiz says it is a great place to connect with other people like you and get all the information you need to successfully run your enterprise.

I’ll definitely be checking out what else they have to say.

We are ending our first full week with our new group of interns on board.  We look to get a few more as some local schools begin classes.  If you haven’t seen our blog written by our interns journaling their experience during their internship, check it out here:

Happy weekend to everyone!

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